If you’re a retailer of almost any kind of goods, you know that floor space is expensive and, therefore, using it to your best advantage is critical to your store’s profitability. The purpose of most of your retail area floor space is to display merchandise, but you have to plan that display carefully, as there isn’t usually enough room to prominently display every single item you have for sale.

The above is particularly true in the retail garment industry. Your goal is to arrange your store fixtures so as to offer the customer the best shopping experience, while also displaying as much of your inventory as possible. For example, if you sell men’s shirts, there probably isn’t room to display every single one on a hanger, nor would you want to. You would display several representative items, that way, and leave the rest in packaging on your shelves. However, if you were selling ready-to-wear shirts, it might be advantageous to put them all on clothes hangers on a garment rack and let customers sort through them—the rack thus serves as both storage and display.

As floor space is critical, when you do decide to have as much of your clothing inventory on garment racks as possible, you need the best-designed and most space-efficient racks available.  The less space a given rack takes up, the more merchandise you can display, and the more immediately apparent choices will be for your customers. Also, the best merchandise display racks are engineered so that the customer can easily see and sort through all the items available. A cluttered rack of clothes hangers is just a storage area, not a display area. Keep in mind that many retail buying decisions are made on the spur of the moment. The difference between a customer being able to see an item for sale and his being unable to see it could be the difference between a sale and no sale.

You should also consider personalizing your clothes hangers to fit your store’s brand. You can customize your hangers by color, or use several different colors to code your merchandise (medium, large, extra-large). You can also have your company’s name and/or logo imprinted on the hangers. While these options may cost a little more, they give your customers a sense that you care about promoting your store brand and your company identity.

You are probably aware that there are several different types of clothes hangers, from dual-clip (for hanging pants) to standard wooden (good for heavy items, such as coats) to lightweight plastic (good for women’s wear). You should make sure your store has an adequate supply of each kind, particularly if you live in an area with wide seasonal climate variations. It would be inconvenient, to say the least, if you got in a big shipment of winter coats and suddenly realized that you didn’t have enough of the right type of hangers to display them.