Half of the fun of wrestling is wearing your own unique spandex wrestling costumes. Whether you want to be a raging mean person, or a prancing nice guy, designing your own costume will seriously help with the aesthetic.

The first thing you will need to do is purchase a leotard. This will be the beginning part of your costume. Next, you will need to purchase the tools you will use to create your own designs. You will be able to get all of these things at any crafts store. They aren’t that expensive.

Also, they are pretty easy to use. You will need to get some sponge brushes (the kinds that are on wooden sticks), fabric paint (preferably the kind that works well on spandex), and some freezer paper. You might have to go to the grocery store to find freezer paper.

After you have these materials you are ready to start. First, you will design your logo on the freezer paper. You can draw many different things. The important thing to remember is that your design will have to be solid. When you have drawn out your design, you can cut it out of the freezer paper.

You will want the freezer paper to look like a stencil. Now, iron the freezer paper onto the part of the spandex costume that you want the design to go. Remember, you are ironing on the entire freezer paper minus the part you cut out.

So, you should see the spandex where your design used to be. Once it is ironed onto the spandex, you are ready to paint. Put some globs of paint onto the spandex where the design part is. Then, use your sponge brushes to move it around.

When you are finished, and the paint has dried a little, you can pull the freezer paper off. Now you have your design. You are well on your way to having your own unique wardrobe of spandex wrestling costumes.

The next thing you need to do is use the paint to put stripes along the leotard. You can put them wherever you want. Just make it look unique. Also, it is important to make them straight. You might want to use the freezer paper trick again.

That way you can kind of plan out where the lines are going to be. Then you can make them straight. Don’t be afraid of doing a little bit of sewing. This way you can put a cape onto your costume. Capes add a great deal of charm.

You can put designs onto the cape the same way you put them onto the leotard. You might need to wear shorts with the leotard as well. Hopefully this will get you started. There are tons of other ways you can make your spandex wrestling costumes your own. You could iron patches onto them, or cut them in unique ways. The most important part is to make sure you are having the most fun that you can have.