What is Spanish Learning Software?

Spanish learning software is a very popular method of learning Spanish and one that has seen an increase in prevalence and quality. With more people being attracted to the world of technology and software, new interactive programs are being created with the language learner in mind. Using interactive technology is a very effective way for the student to learn Spanish as it makes the learning fun, varied and very specific to what they want to focus on. There are many programs available; some geared towards the beginner, while others have the more advanced learner in mind.

Available Options for Beginners

There is a lot of competition in the software world to try to capture the beginning Spanish market. This is when most students rely on a course that offers guidance, structure and are looking for methods that promise them a solid Spanish learning base.

Rocket Spanish, Rosetta Stone and Learning Spanish Like Crazy are three options for the beginner when looking for Spanish learning software. Each one builds the language slowly, making sure that the correct pronunciation is used, starting with key words and phrases and creating a structure of the language for the beginner, through examples and non-technical methods. These methods are very beneficial for the beginner as they need a solid foundation on which to build future learning.

Most offer a free trial, making it possible to try the programs before committing to one.

Options for Intermediate and Advanced Speakers

Although most programs and applications have the beginner in mind, there are some excellent options available for intermediate and advanced speakers. Some of these are very specific tools while others give a general course in the same mould as introductory programs.

As you advance in your Spanish learner you will become less reliant on structured courses and spend more time engaged in conversational lessons, listening to different Spanish audio, reading novels and other books and doing some self-study. This works in the main but it's also wise to try out something more structured to see if you can improve some more. SpanishPod101 is fantastic for the advanced speaker and goes through some of the more intricate grammar points and vocabulary, introducing some more informal language into the course.

Should I Take a Course Instead?

Deciding which is best for you depends on a lot of things: your circumstances, your financial situation, your learning dedication and your learning style among other things. Learning through Spanish learning software doesn't suit everyone, and if your cicrumstances allow you should consider taking a course at your local institute or abroad. But these interactive courses are very effective, cheap, a lot of fun and can easily be added into a busy schedule. Try out a few of the different courses and see which one is best for you.