It's a great time to be hunting for Spanish villas for sale if you have the money. Spain is one of the places that tends to attract people because of the great weather, the fantastic culture, and the friendly people. Many people choose to relocate to Spain every year and a lot of people are doing it in the present economic climate to try and escape the the worst of the recession. This is because Spanish villas for sale are coming down in price and thus allowing your money to go a lot further.

Of course if you are going to go out to Spain to live and you have to look for a job while you're out there in order to make a living, you are not going to make the relative savings that come from the reduction in the cost of living, or at least you are going to find it very difficult to do so. But, whatif you have a pension, or some form of passive income which does not require you to live in a certain country, you can move out to Spain and really make a difference to your life.

Spain offers one of the most diverse landscapes of any country in Europe. In the south there are golden sandy beaches with almost full year-round sunshine. In the north you can expect to see green fields with a more temperate climate. Also there is a much different lifestyle to be had up in the Sierras.

A lot of people that have visited Spain over the last few years have been disappointed by the rising prices of Spanish villas for sale. This is happening throughout the most popular regions of the Costa del Sol, Valencia, the Costa Blanca, and Almeria, etc. But the prices of Spanish villas for sale have begun to dip in response to the global recession. In actual fact, used Spanish villas for sale have dropped in price by almost 9% over the 12 months leading up to September 2008. And the trend has continued ever since. This is all great news for the buyer.

So what can you expect to get when you are looking for Spanish villas for sale. As I said, your choice of location is massive. You can choose to live the life of the sea dog if you like water sports and live around the many coastal communities. You can make it your choice to live inland and take advantage of the peace and tranquility offered by buying village Spanish villas for sale. Or, if you are accustomed to the city life and you wish to continue to do so in Spain, you can choose one of the city Spanish villas for sale in cities like Barcelona or Madrid. There are still some authentic Spanish towns such as Rojales Spain where you can find the best in Spanish property sales.

The only caveat is to be careful of who you are dealing with. Make sure that you have an English-speaking estate agent, or in the very least have a good friend who can translate for you. Also, try and deal with an estate agent who you have heard good things about. If you could spend a bit of time in the locality where you intend to buy a house before you approach an estate agent you may be able to hear one or two names that are being mentioned in regards to who is good and who's bad. This is essential if you are going to find the best Spanish villas for sale.