Spanx Underwear for Men

Spanx Underwear for Men

Profile enhancing underwear for men are an increasing trend. Spanx is a company that has been making shapewear, underwear, girdles, and other items for women. They recently embarked on meeting men's needs by making slimming undergarments. Spanx underwear and shapewear include underwear, shirts, and tanktops that enhance certain parts of the body. Spanx were created by a woman who wanted to slim her hips and get rid of that underwear line. The idea was a huge success and out of it came the super popular slimming undergarments, Spanx underwear and shapewear for women. For a long time, there were no Spanx for men, even though men wrote requesting a line of Spanx underwear and shapewear. Only recently, Spanx for men were created in compression shirts for men. The other request has been filled. On October 31, 2010, Spanx underwear for men was launched. Spanx underwear for men is profile enhancing underwear that enhances the genitals and tightens the buttocks. That ought to make many men happy.

Spanx underwear for men are an addition to their slimming shapewear for men. Spanx has profile enhancing underwear and cotton compression shirts for men. Men asked for more than shapewear shirts and were answered with Spanx underwear for men. Whether you want a buttock lift, enhanced profile or a little tummy tuck, Spanx underwear and shapewear work on the battle of the bulge, both of them.

Spanx Underwear for Men: Profile Enhancing Underwear

Profile enhancing underwear (aka crotch enhancing underwear) are popular. They give the front a look of more and tighten the buttocks by lifting them. Spanx underwear for men are called the ultimate underwear experience. According to Spanx, their men's Spanx underwear "adds dimension and depth for an enhanced profile." Offering black or white boxer briefs and briefs, Spanx underwear for men are perfect. The breathable mesh helps control moisture and chafing. Spanx men's underwear helps control the tummy above the groin, enhances the groin area (comfortably), and gives your butt a lift, too. All that in one pair of Spanx underwear.

Spanx underwear for men have a horizontal opening with a 3D pouch that makes them unique. Spanx delivers on comfortable slimming men's underwear. The cotton around the legs uses fabric that enables it to stretch for comfort, but not lose its shape. Men's underwear usually take a beating so it is important that they are made wel. Spanx men's underwear have moisture-wicking cooling zones under groin to prevent overheating and discomfort. Spanx underwear for men are durable for long lasting underwear.

Spanx Shapewear

Spanx Zoned Performance and Compression Shirts for Men

Spanx shapewear for men include slimming t-shirts and tank tops. Spank slimming undergarments for men come in gray, black, or white. There are two shirt styles. Men's compression shirts slim the stomach and make the chest appear harder, flatter, and more muscular. Similar to the Spanx underwear for men that enhance what's there already, Spanx shapewear does the same thing up top. Spanx shapewear styles are either zoned performance shirts or cotton compression shirts. Both styles offer tank tops, t-shirts, and v-neck compression shirts. The zoned performance shirts specify parts of the body more than the compression shirts. Every guy who wears Spanx shapewear shirts or underwear is going to look different. Bodies are shaped differently. For the man who wants to gain an inch here and lose one there, tuck the belly fat, cover the man boobs, or just have an overall slimmer look, Spanx underwear and shapewear is what you want.

The difference between Spanx zoned compression performance shirts and the cotton compression shirt is that the zoned compression shirts target the abs and torso and provide back support. Both Spanks sharewear shirt styles give lumbar support and are great for men with back pain. Wearing Spanx shirts will help improve posture and that alone helps you look thinner and better. Spanx zoned performance compression shirts are made out of nylon and spandex to better add definition to the abs and chest. It gives a sportier and stronger look. The cotton compression shirts are nice though and they will slim the waist, support the back, and give a firmer chest and stomach. Spanx compression shirts work as slimming undergarments under sports clothing or workwear. Spanx compression clothing also works well to work out in because it supports the muscles and wicks away moisture.

Spanx Slimming Undergarments for Men

Men wear slimming undergarments, compression shirts and enhancing underwear.One comment on a Spank compression tank top article says, "I need help with my tummy, not my self esteem." Slimming undergarments are about feeling good physically, not just emotionally. Although pride sometimes gets in the way of buying compression clothing like Spanx underwear and shapewear, so can man boobs. Men can benefit from buying slimming undergarments, if for no other reason better posture. Poor posture is a top cause of pain. Use Spanx underwear and shapewear to help with posture. Slimming undergarments for men can make them look better in their clothes. Imagine all those guys who had to lose that last bit of weight for a wedding or the dreaded class reunion. Now, with Spanx for men there's less pressure. Not only will your Spanx underwear offer a more well-endowed appearance, but if you get the compression shirt your entire profile improves.

Spanx for Men: Underwear and Shapewear

-Spanx underwear for men are great Christmas gifts. If you know your man wants Spanx, buy them. Spanx underwear for men are great unusual gift ideas for guys. Buy them for Valentine's Day or Father's day. If he wants them then put the slimming underwear on the list.

-Spank shapewear is good for anytime wear. The idea of compression clothing is not new. Many men also use active compression socks to help with swelling in their legs. Compression clothing helps.

-Any man who needs comfortable underwear that gives all day support should check out Spanx. For guys that are not happy with their profile or how they fill out their jeans, try Spanx underwear for men. They not only give you a lift, but they are a butt enhancer, too. Wear them, enhance your profile, tighten your butt, get happy.

- Spanx has a money back guarantee. If you don't love your Spanx underwear then return them. The whole point of Spanx underwear and shapewear is to help you feel better about the body you're in. If they are too tight or just plain uncomfortable return them in 30 days for a refund.