spare tire

When the need to change tires on a pickup truck arises, most of the time the spare tire carriers are found underneath the bed. In order to gain access to the spare, it is necessary to climb underneath the vehicle. Unfortunately the owner will find it necessary to be laying directly on the dirty ground. When weather conditions such as snow or mud are present, an already unpleasant situation becomes even more unpleasant. More often than not, it is difficult to get to this area. Even with appropriate use of tools, there may not be an easy release of the spare. Sometimes of the new mounts for newer trucks do not come with a bracket. They may just be supplied with cables that suspend the tire.

One solution to this inconvenience is to mount the tire and possibly spare tire cover inside the truck bed. Some of these mountings do not require the need to drill or bolt to the truck's frame. The mount spreads out, allowing it to occupy the area in between the floor of the truck bed in addition to the inside of the slope of the truck bed. Once this location for a spare tire carrier has been used, there will never be a reason or desire to return to those clumsy underneath frame mounts of the past.

When exploring options for the back of a jeep for instance, there is a model in carriers that will accommodate all the way up to 37 inch tire and wheel combos or up to two hundred pounds, dependent on the year of the model. This model will swing out along with the tailgate for ease of use. This practical and heavy duty design is constructed of heavy steel. It has a tough finish and comes with an appealing look.  With this type of mount, a small amount of assembling is to be expected as well as minor requirements for drilling on certain models. Later models, after 2007, will not require drilling for installation. These carriers are also designed to be compatible with elevated suspensions or bodies. Hardware for mounting will be included and instructions with illustrations as well.

Spare tire carriers don't have to be difficult and unpleasant to use. By installation of a mount inside the truck instead of under the bed, much unnecessary frustration can be avoided. When an oversize is needed for use behind the vehicle, a heavy duty, well constructed carrier made of heavy steel will be the better choice. Changing a tire unexpectedly no longer has to be difficult or challenging with the right equipment.