Cost benefits to spay or neuter

Most local authorities that require pet registration will offer a discounted cost to register your pet when your dog is spayed or neutered. Some local authorities will actually require you to have your dog spayed or neutered before they will register your dog. Over time the money saved in reduced dog registration fees each year will quickly exceed the cost of the operation.

Benefits to neutered male dogs

For male dogs, neutering him will reduce or eliminate the annoying and embarrassing urge of entire (not neutered) male dogs to mount the legs of visitors. If your male dog is neutered while they are still young then the chance of him developing this terrible habit is almost always eliminated but if your male puppy is allowed to go through puberty then he may develop this habit before he is neutered. If this is the case, it may take some behaviour modification to correct this behaviour.

Benefits to neutered female dogs

The greatest benefit to female dogs is that they will not be able to have an accidental litter. This is important as you would not your Japanese Spitz female to breed with a Pitbull for example. Female dogs that have been spayed will not come into “heat” so will not leave any discharge around your home as they would if they were not spayed and came into “heat”. Also male dogs will not be attracted to your home when your dog is in “heat” and make an annoyance of themselves or even damaging part of the perimeter of your property trying to find a way to enter your property to get to your dog. It's best to leave breeding Japanese Spitz puppies to dedicated breeders!

Increased health and safety to spayed or neutered dogs

Both male and female dogs that are neutered or spayed will be less aggressive toward other dogs as well as decreasing your pets desire to roam in search of a mate. This is obviously a benefit to your dog’s safety as your dog will be less likely to get into fights with other dogs or get hit by cars if they are roaming the streets looking for a mate.

There are also many health benefits to your dog when you have them spayed or neutered. They will not be able to get cancer of the reproductive organs that have been removed as well as reducing their chances of certain types of cancers such as prostate, mammary and cervical cancer.

Benefits to you as the owner of a spayed or neutered dog

Overall as well as the many benefits to your dog of being spayed or neutered, there is great convenience to you as the owner of a spayed or neutered dog. You will not need to confine your female dog to an enclosed area during her “heat”, or have to deal with your male dog trying to find a mate whenever you take him on an outing with the family. Making the decision to spay or neuter your dog will provide convenience to you as a dog owner and health benefits to your dog.