There is no need for me to get into the divorce rate at all. The fact to the matter is that people get divorce because of money, they have grown apart, or they married for the wrong reasons. Generally, many marriages and relationships can stay together if they would rely more on the big C and the big LL.

Also, if there is anyone in your life (family, spouse, co-worker, student, boyfriend, girlfriend, even your get the picture) who you want to get a better response from then keep reading about big C and big LL.

The big C stands for communication. The big LL stands for love language.

Several years ago, I needed to help my daughter learn at a faster pace. At the same time I needed to get more productivity and more camaraderie among employees at work. At this point I had tried everything. Leadership assessments for the employees and notecards, flash cards, and candy for my daughter. Nothing seemed to work.

One Language at a Time

Some kind of way I heard about the "Five Love Languages". It's a book by Gary Chapman. Actually there are several books. The first one that was available was for married couples and this is what I used. Since that time he has books for children, teens, singles, and couples.

Of course there was an assessment to take at the back of the book to find out your love language. I gave the employees the assessment which totally improved the office communication and productivity increases. I figured out my daughters love language and she became rejuvenated and motivated to learn at the pace we needed her to learn so I saw productivity with my daughter as well.

If you want to keep positive communication open with your love ones, employees or whoever, I recommend you learn more about the "Five Love Languages". Learning how to give people their love language and receiving your love language will keep many a relationship intact.