Let's get right to the point.  I must say that I love drinking tea and have sampled several different brands before finding one that I repeatedly buy amongst all others.  I may buy a different brand eventually if I find one better than the TAZO brand that I'm currently in love with.  But as of now I can't see it.  The TAZO tea company is based out of Portland, Oregon and also distributes tea from the same location.  The "Refresh" brand is made up of elements that were grown right here in USA.  And it's nothing I love better than "Made in USA" when it comes to drinking my tea!  

But the TAZO tea brand that I love the best so far has to be the "Refresh" tea - a nice and cool minty flavored tea best served hot.  It's one of the best teas to have in the morning if you ask me.  There is another morning tea brand made by TAZO that goes by the name "Awake" - which is a rich audacious black tea intended to give you a boost of energy (caffeine) and prepare for the day's challenge.  Nevertheless, the "Refresh" tea also gives the consumer a sense of preparedness (caffeine) and a taste of "intensity" when looking for that "pick-me-upper" in the morning.

I admit, before I discovered TAZO - I was forced to face the day with the not-so-appealing, not-so-great, Lipton tea bags that I used for hot tea.  Lipton was all that I knew when it came to drinking tea (because of their good history and mass advertising with iced teas)....but once I went TAZO, Lipton became a HELL NO!  Now, I'm not a coffee drinker so what I prefer for my "cup of joe" is tea to get my day started.  Therefore, you can see how important a good cup of tea is to me.  I've tried Lipton, Luzianne, Publix brand, and other small brands before I came to TAZO.  However, I'm not sure if there is any other brand out there that I may love more - but nevertheless, I think TAZO will always be the primary.

Let me know if there is a brand out there you think I should try.  Who has the best tea in your opinion?