Eurostar between England, France and Belgium

Are you looking for a quick and comfortable way to travel in Europe? The Eurostar is a high-speed railway service between London in England and Brussels (Belgium) and Paris (France).  All trains traverse the Channel Tunnel between England and France. Crossing the sea between the two countries only takes 21 minutes with this high speed train service and this way of travelling is comfortable and gives you the opportunity to work or do anything else while going to your destination.

The calling points in France are Calais-Frethun and Lille-Europe and the final destination is Gare du Nord in Paris, which leaves you right in the city. The trains to Belgium terminate at Station Midi/Zuid in Brussels, from there you can go into the Belgian capital or travel to other destinations in Belgium or abroad. In the United Kingdom there are calling points at Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International with the main London terminus at St Pancras International.

Eurostar offers seventeen weekday London–Paris services, with twenty services on Friday.

Budget- and Business Travel with the Eurostar

When traveling with Eurostar, you can choose from 3 travel classes: Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier. Standard means a relaxing journey in a comfortable chair, Standard Premier is the class for the leisure traveler and budget conscious business traveler and the Business Premier class is for the business traveler, who needs different facilities than leisure travelers.

The bar-buffet is open to all travelers: You have a wide choice of hot and cold, alcoholic and soft drinks. There is a choice of quick snacks and healthy meals for the hungry traveler.

Important information when traveling with the Eurostar

  • Check in is possible until 30 minutes before the departure of the train, because of security
  • All travelers should be able to show the required documents for customs and police (passport and visa if necessary). These rules also apply to children!
  • Children under 12 may not travel on Eurostar if they are not accompanied by an adult.

Special Eurostar offers

It often also pays to do research on the internet, because a lot of online travel websites offer special Eurostar promotions. There is among others a special Eurostar offer for people aged 60 and over and there is also an advantageous Eurostar offer for young people under 26 years. With Eurostar Plus you will get lots of discounts in London for shopping, eating and museums.

For groups of 10 or more persons, there are attractive and special Eurostar group offers. It is also possible to reserve a carriage exclusively for your group.

This high-speed railway service to and from London also has a frequent traveler program, which offers regular Eurostar travelers a range of rewards and an array of exclusive benefits.

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