Luxury trains in India are filled with special experiences for an unforgettable experience. Everything included in these special trains are different and unique from the rest of the world. Braced up with the high-end quotient of royalty, these railways have greatly influenced the luxury factor of the country. In short, these trains are seen as an upholder of indulgence in India.

Apart from superlative services, these trains also define the indulgence of every kind in their own unique way. The imperial suites represent the epitome of luxury. Unlike the usual congested cabins of normal trains in India, these special accommodations are tastefully decorated and furnished as per the royal theme. Every aspect of the interiors in a royally inspired setting gets the deserving space in the most elegant way.

The furnishings are beyond simplicity and exude royalty in every possible way. Inspired by the royal heritage of its kingdom, the furniture, furnishings, paintings, silken bedspreads, plush beds, etc all display its deep etched association with the golden times. The quaint heritage of exclusive coaches even illustrates the perfect juxtaposition between the old and the modern. With the lifestyle inclusions like newspaper, writing desk, live television, etc, the train is equally vibrant and modern to suit passengers need for entertainment on the go.

Another unique aspect of the suites accommodation is that they are not standardized for all. Every suite befits its possessor turns out to be true in this case. Every suite narrates its own story and is personalized as per the needs and demands of the passengers. In such a case, the more luxuries the passengers expect, the equally grand turn out the suites. The testimony of this statement is the highly luxurious presidential suite. Spread on the largest area possible in a luxury train, the suite defines the ultimate standards of the lavish living. It has two bed rooms (double and twin bed rooms), living area furnished with sofa and other royal furniture that creates the imposing aura for the possessor.

The complimentary mini bar is included in this premium suite that again brings out the exclusive facet of this accommodation. The proud passenger can enjoy the finest spirits within his own private space easily.

There is a luggage hold underneath the bed, wardrobe and personal safe for safety and security of traveller’s belongings. Apart from that, there is a regular supply of newspapers, live television service on LCD, DVD player, Wi-Fi Internet, direct dial international telephone facility, etc to keep passengers engaged in their leisure hours.

All this and much more exclusively comprise the luxury and magnificence of the country’s luxury trains. Any traveller can enjoy the befittingly elegant experiences only on Luxury Train travel in this incredible country.