The vast array of opportunities and wonderful alternatives that seem to display in front of any high school graduate looking for the best solution to pick up the best college degree program is always welcomed. While there are tons of engineering and informatics majors, why should anyone pick religious studies as a college program? Most of all, is there any connection between globalization and religious studies? Can someone who is studying to become a minister or a counselor make even the smallest difference in today’s globalized environment?
Luckily, the answer is yes. There are plenty of ways in which people who have chosen to study religious programs in college can positively influence today’s society. The fact that these people have an enormous freedom of choice when it comes to the topics they are going to study, along with the fact that they are being offered a unique opportunity to study pretty much any topic under the sun in terms of curriculum, makes them well-prepared for anything life might have in store for them in terms of job outlook.
While the topic of globalization is still being debated even today, everyone needs to admit the fact that globalization is not to be regarded strictly from a positive or a negative standing point. There are plenty of positive aspects that characterize globalization and the fact that people from all over the world can throw a helping hand to those in need is one of the facts that students who have enrolled in religious studies programs can work with international non-governmental organizations is wonderful asset or perk for them. The fact that they can bring their small or larger contribution to the aid of many children or people who suffer from hunger, the lack of water or proper medication should be reason enough for a lot of people to truly understand the significance of true globalization and the connection between it and religious studies. There are hundreds of groups that work on reconstruction, prevention, reconciliation and conflict prevention all over the globe.
If this is something you really desire to do, you should definitely either opt for some religious studies courses in college, or get your bachelor’s of arts in religious studies degree and become an even more active member of the global community. The fact that you live in Ohio does not mean you cannot bring your contribution to starving children from Somalia.
Globalization can also refer to some positive and less daunting topics such as working in multinational companies or banks and even smaller businesses looking to expand their headquarters throughout the world. Fighting for some human rights or solid justice causes should also be of much interest.
There are also plenty of opportunities to work with the US government. These organizations are always looking for individuals with outstanding religious understanding, who can work inside diplomatic corps and even intelligence agencies. So if you always dreamed about working for the FBI, CIA or even the Department of Defense, you should not hesitate to choose such a college degree.