Present your host with a food gift basket this Thanksgiving


A great way to show your appreciation is with a fall themed or Thanksgiving themed gift basket full of edible treats. You can share the warmth of the holiday with a surprise Thanksgiving food gift basket for your hostess. There is a lot to be said for delectable treats after a large heavy meal.


When you meet your dear ones over this holiday season, it is always gracious not to arrive empty-handed. In most cases, the hostess has been cooking most of the day to provide you with a wonderful and heartwarming meal. While it is traditional to take a bottle of wine during Thanksgiving, a Thanksgiving food gift basket would be much more appreciated and well received. A well chosen basket will keep the guest delighted well after the conclusion of the initial meal. Here are a few ideas to show your hostess that you enjoyed their efforts.


A wide range of snacks


A great idea that can please the whole family is a basket that has a large assortment of snacking favorites. Fresh trail mix is always a hit regardless of age or gender. Almonds are healthy and tend to come in a variety of preparations such as smoked, salted, honey or even candied almonds. Peanuts also are great and come in a wide range of flavors both savory and sweet. Sesame sticks and gourmet pretzels are great to pair with nuts as well


A tasty fruit sampler


If you will be dining in a home where the hosts are health conscious, they likely won’t care for highly sweet or overly calorific treats. On top of the already typically high calorie Thanksgiving meal, a simple organic version of a fruit sampler would be highly well received by all. A great fruit sampler will have a great smatter of delectable options such as bananas, kiwis, oranges, pears and apples. If you want to add a bit more flair, there are some companies that will offer cut fruit that is arranged in a beautiful way that resembles a bouquet of flowers.


Candied or covered strawberries


A lot of time is spent preparing the savory dinner on Thanksgiving, while there are dessert, typically not as much attention is paid t them. You can delight your host with a Thanksgiving food gift basket that can double as a dessert for the evening. In addition to taking some pressure off of the host, the rest of the dinner party will be benefited as well.

Most Strawberries arranged for gift basket are dipped in chocolate and then decorated.

They are available in milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Depending on where you choose to purchase your delicacies, you can also have them rolled in nuts, coconut or other options. Not only do they look dramatic, they taste great.


These are a few ideas, Thanksgiving food gift baskets also can be found to contain special coffees or teas that pair with the included ingredients. The baskets themselves are sent on wonderful fall colors such as orange, red and brown. You can pair them with reusable gift tins or flower arrangements to increase the overall effect. No matter what food gift basket option you choose, it easy to find a great gift to please even the most stubborn of hostess.


Thanksgiving Cakes


Specialty cakes are becoming very popular, and they are definitely not just for weddings and birthdays anymore. Amazing cakes are being created for baby showers, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, engagement parties, wedding showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, thank you gifts, when someone gets a promotion, for business promotions, open house events, or to commemorate basically any major milestone in a person’s life.


All kinds of cakes are being made these days. Anything from a cake topped with photographs scanned onto edible paper, to a cake shaped like a person’s favorite car or pet, to intricate designs of buildings; if you can think of it, it can be made into a cake! Specialty cakes can be created at home, if you have a little bit of artistic ability. Or, you can have them made at a bakery. Many chain grocery stores have a vast selection of specialty cakes. You can typically browse their selections online or in an album in the store.


If you want to have a cake made that is not shown in a store’s album, you will probably need to have it made at a bakery. Bakeries can create specialty cakes that are simply amazing. If you show them a picture or drawing of an idea, many bakeries can create an amazing likeness in the form of a specialty cake. Bakers can create cakes that are scale replicas of sports stadiums, sports cars, zoo animals, and even people! Depending on the occasion and the recipient, a specialty cake can be created that suits them to a tee. A cake can be customized with a person’s favorite colors, designs, hobbies, favorite sports, favorite cartoon, first car, pet, etc.


The most inexpensive way to give a specialty cake is to make it at home. Most craft and hobby stores have a vast range of cake making and cake decorating supplies. Depending on your level of baking expertise, you can either make a cake from scratch, using a recipe, or you can use a purchased cake mix from the grocery store. You can use different colored frosting and other edible decorations to embellish your creation. Even a basic round or square cake can be beautifully decorated and personalized for its recipient.


There are specially crafted pans that you can buy in different shapes to make baking a specialty cake really easy. If you decide you want to start making specialty cakes for different occasions, you may want to watch for sales on cake pans and start a collection for future use. You can also find them on online auction sites and if you are lucky, you may even find them at thrift stores or resale shops. Once you have the basic supplies, specialty cakes will be a very inexpensive gift you can make and give for many different occasions.