So how does one go about catching a speckled trout? Do they live and swim in a river, lake, or in the ocean? Hi, I am an avid fisherman that would like to share some insightful information about the speckled trout or sea trout. I get confused because this fish has so many names. You can call it by whatever name you would like – it doesn't really matter what name you decide to call it by. If you want to be unique and different, you can call it by the name of weakfish. Regardless, today I am here to discuss how anglers have been targeted and successfully capturing these fish with a pole and hook. That one was just a fancy way of saying catching them, but who cares. OK, so if you want to catch some of these beautiful fish, then this article is for you.

If you are thinking that these fish are in some of the nation's rivers, streams, and lakes, then you will be wasting a lot of time. The ichthyologists have taught us otherwise. These finned creatures dwell in the ocean. Now that we have that part down and straight, lets talk about catching one. The ocean is a big place so listen up. There are a lot fo places to catch these fish and the inlets are one of them. By the way, the sea trout is not an offshore fish – so there is no need to travel to deep sea fishing waters. Nope. The inshore will do just fine. So, if you fish some of the inshore waters like the bays, the channels, and the inlets, then you should end up having a decent amount of luck. Have a good one and I hope you catch a lot of fish. Oops, I bet you thought that I was going to forget what bait and tackle to use for them. I was just kidding, if you want to catch some sea trout, then you will either need to use some live shrimp or speckled trout fishing lures. Live shrimp are easy to find and rig up, so I will focus on the lures. I like using the well known mirror lures to catch them. For those of you who don't know, these are the top water baits with the white bodies and red heads. I just cast them out, give them a few twitches, and then haul in the trout.