Okavango Delta

Pure Wilderness and Luxury on a Botswana Safari

A Botswana safari vacation offers one of the most luxurious wildlife experiences in all of Africa. The country boasts a dramatic landscape with the lush areas of the Okavango Delta and the Linyanti/Chobe River systems on one side and the vast dry expanses of the Makgadikgadi Pans and the Kalahari Desert on the other. This of course means the scenery is beautiful and there are a variety of habitats rich in wildlife all year round. The essence of a Botswana safari is luxury combined with an authentic wildlife focus. The accommodation consists of small and intimate camps and lodges complete with high comfort and stylish furnishings and the cuisine on offer is superb. For all round game viewing, the best time to take a safari is during April and October.

The Okavango Delta – A Magical Oasis

One of the highlights to a Botswana safari is the Okavango Delta. The world’s largest inland delta is formed where the waters of the Okavango River flow inland into Lake Ngami instead of into the sea. Surrounded by the Kalahari Desert, the delta spreads over the sands creating a maze of lagoons, channels, floodplains and pockets of land.  Surprisingly, the waters here are so clear and pure it is safe to drink. This wetland paradise is teeming with wildlife with a huge concentration of elephant in particular. There are thousands in the Delta and on your Botswana safari you’ll not only see these beautiful gentle giants, but also large herds of buffalo and antelope as well as giraffe, zebra and big cats. The most magical way to explore the delta is via a mokoro canoe. On a traditional dugout canoe with your own private expert guide, you’ll silently glide down the shimmering waterways seeing an array of wildlife and the most breathtaking scenery.

Botswana Safari – Elephant Heaven in the Chobe

If you are passionate about elephants, the Chobe National Park is exactly where you need to be. The Chobe offers safari enthusiasts the ultimate wildlife experience being one of the most impressive game viewing destinations on the continent. It is estimated that around 50,000 elephants roam the park and on your Botswana safari you can choose to take an elephant back safari, a truly amazing activity. The Chobe is divided into four distinct eco systems: the lush plains forests of Serondela, the Savuti Marsh, the Linyanti Swamps and the Nogatsaa and Tchinga, a hot and dry hinterland in between. All regions have their own unique features and due to the diversity in habitats, it boasts a wide variety of wildlife species. These are just a couple of the magnificent sights you will witness on a Botswana safari vacation.