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Speech to text software sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it is becoming increasingly commonplace both in the home and the office as people find that voice dictation software can help to increase their productivity, as well as to keep working if they have suffered hand or wrist injuries that are preventing them from using their keyboards. Although earlier versions of speech to text software were clunky and used to often come up with amusing results while transcribing voice to text, the best speech recognition software packages these days deliver impressive results, transcribing speech with minimal errors. The speech to text software reviews below should help you pick the best voice recognition software for your needs.


With speech recognition software, you can dictate your words to the computer and have it save your words in a text document. This is a great advantage to people who need to be mobile at work, as you can get your wordprocessing done without needing to be glued to your desk. Also, for those who have difficulty using a keyboard, for instance due to a disability or injury, speech to text software allows them to do their wordprocessing without actually needing to use a keyboard.


But even for those who can use a keyboard with no problem, speech recognition software can offer huge advantages in terms of speed. Using voice dictation software, you can produce your documents much faster than you could with using your mouse and keyboard, thus boosting your productivity.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium edition software

Speech to text software reviews – features to consider


When looking for the best voice recognition software, you need to keep several features in mind. First of all, there has to be an option for training the software, so that the speech recognition engine can start to learn your speech patterns and improve its accuracy of transcription. It is also great if you can customize commands, and if the software can support different accents. Certainly, the software needs to be able to pick up on differences in pronunciation between someone from Mississippi vs someone from Iowa. The speech recognition software should also recognize voice commands such as those needed to open and close programs and windows. Also, the software should transcribe speech accurately. Finally, the speech recognition software should be intuitive and easy to use. The menus and commands should be easily navigable by voice.


With all this said, what are some of the best speech recognition software programs out there? From a number of speech to text software reviews, the ones that often come out on top are from the Dragon dictation software family:


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition


The Dragon Naturally Speaking software – Premium Edition, comes loaded with great features and is probably the best option for PCs. It has great accuracy in converting speech to text, and is very responsive to user commands. This compares favorable with other speech to text software packages, which often have a lag time of several seconds before they respond to a voice command. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition also has very intuitive navigation, identifying buttons and links that match your voice commands even if your spoken words are not an exact match. Ultimately, this software stands out because of accurate transcription, intuitive navigation and quickness of response to voice commands.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home Edition


As its name implies, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home Edition is a stripped-down version of the premium edition, but at a lower cost (about $100 as compared to twice as much for the premium). It still comes with great features, though and ranks among the best voice recognition software packages. The features in the premium edition, in any case, are probably not too relevant for the home user. It has a voice recognition accuracy of over 90%, and is compatible with a wide range of popular word processing programs.


MacSpeech Dictate

If you use a Mac, probably the best voice recognition software you can find is the MacSpeech Dictate. It actually uses the speech recognition engine of the Dragon Naturally Speaking software, so boasts comparable accuracy. While MacSpeech Dictate is user-friendly, it doesn't quite have Dragon's extremely intuitive command menus.