Types of Speed Boats

Speed Boat Power

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Speed boats are typically sorted out based on size, the accommodations, designs and the materials from they are made from. There's a wide range of boats out there for the choosing. It's common that one dealer alone could carry up to 40 models of speed boats for several types of functionality.

Generally, speed boats are small motored boats that are made for speed and agility. This is the reason a speed boat's original purpose is for pulling water skiers, races and other water competitions. Due to its speed and quickness, it became suitable for use in policing beach lanes and is even turning up its value as attack military vessels.

As the term speed boat often sets off the mind with the small quick and sleek looking crafts, there are several types of speed boats. An inflatable boat having a fast and strong motor mounted to it is termed also as a speed boat but its primary use is beach landings, reconnaissance and patrolling.

 Power plants

Speed boats are fitted out with power plants that are classified based on how the motor is set up. When the motor is removable, it's also known as an outboard motor but if the engine is set up in the boat it's called a power plant.

 • Inboard/outboard are crossbreed power plants. This power plant has its gear reduction and propeller external from the speedboat while the primary engine is installed inside the boat.

 • Outboard motors are commonly used in smaller crafts where the transmission, internal combustion engine and propeller are installed at the back end of the boat.

 • Inboard engines have everything inside the boat aside from the propeller and the shaft that links up it to the engine. Usually there are two kinds of purely inboard motors, the v-drive and the direct drive. The v-drive engine is attached at the back of the boat where the shaft goes towards the boats front forming a V shape at the rear. The direct drive power plant is attached in the middle of the boat with the propeller sticking towards the rear of the boat for the propeller.

 Speed boats are fundamentally built for recreational use. Most speed boats are constructed with fiberglass bottoms. While the original idea of speed boating was for sports and fun, the alternatives of speed boats gradually multiplied in variety and it's now common to find 40 different models to select from in a several speed boat dealers. While a lot are still in the smaller sized family from 15 feet to thirty feet, luxury speed boats and specialized fishing boats are also in demand.

 Based really on how the owner of a speed boat visualizes its use, these boats could be tailor-made according to a buyer’s specs and could give him a lot of configurations. Luxury speed boats for instance are well made and well spec-ed having all the fittings that an owner would love to have. Some speed boats are configured for sport and multi purpose fishing that can be used both on fresh water and saltwater having anglers on board, plumbing, bedroom compartments, a galley and are made to remain in the water for days.