The Speed card game is a great card game to play with a friend.

First, what you need is a friends and a standard deck of 52 cards. Discard the jokers because they are not needed.

To begin playing, shuffle the deck of cards and then give each player 20 cards. This is your stock pile. Now you should have 12 cards remaining. Take half of the 12 card pile (6 cards) and place it on the left side of you, and then take the other half and place it on the right. These 6 cards are your flip deck. The set-up should look like this.

speed card game setup

Then take the top cards from each of the 6 card piles and then place them face down in the middle. Again, here is what it should look like.

speed card game setup

Now take 5 cards from your 20 card deck (you are allowed to look at them). This is your hand. After you do this, you and the other player should simultaneously flip the 2 cards in the middle. It should look like this.

speed card game setup 3

After this, you must quickly find any cards (from your 5 cards) that are either one value higher or lower from the flipped over card. So in the picture that I made for you, you would look at your hand of cards and try to find a seven or nine (for the eight of clovers card on the left), or a four or six (for the five of spades on the right).  If you have one of the cards, (for example you have a seven of hearts) place it on top of the card that is in order with it. Look at the picture for details.

speed card game setup 4

Continue doing this quickly- continue to place down cards until you have exhausted the ones in your hands.

KEY NOTE: You can only place 1 card down at a time. So if perhaps you have a seven of hearts and a six, you CANNOT put them down at the same time. You have to put the seven and then the six.

You are NOT taking turns. You are speeding away at your own pace- finding consecutive cards and placing them down as fast as you can. Your opponent should be doing the same.

Now, if you run out of cards and have no cards in your hand that can be placed on the flipped over cards, you can take a card from the stockpile. Here’s the catch- you can only have five cards at a time. If you already have five cards, and still do not have any cards that can be placed on the face-up cards you have to wait until your opponent has exhausted all his cards. Then once you and your opponent have both exhausted the cards in your hand, you flip over a card from both of your stock piles at the same time. Then you may continue playing with the cards that you have.

The first to use up all the cards in his/her stockpile wins!

A standard card deck perfect for the Speed Card game