Ways to speed up hair growth is relatively easy when you understand the essential things that your locks needs to get it to grow better. These things are proper cleaning and maintenance, right nutrition, and appropriate protection from damage. Applying the methods that involve these three hair care essentials would help you grow your hair faster and healthier at the same time.

In case you are wondering how these three things would work in making your hair care regimen do wonders to your crowning glory, given below are some important facts that you might want to know.

• Proper cleaning and maintenance - washing your hair is a good way to remove dead skin cells, dust, grime, and other foreign matter that might cause the slow growth of your hair. However, washing your locks too often might lead to leaving your hair dull and dry because the nutrients have been washed off. To ensure that this does not happen, you can wash your hair every other day and use a shampoo that does not contain strong chemicals or ingredients. Combing your hair with a soft-bristled brush would be most appropriate if you have naturally straight hair, but if you have wavy or extremely curly locks, using a comb with wide-gapped teeth would be best.

• Right nutrition - to speed up hair growth, you must "feed" your hair with the nutrients it needs. Directly applying natural essential oils as conditioner on your hair would help it grow faster, as these oils contain the necessary nutrients. In addition, the hair follicles and scalp directly come in contact with the nutrients, making it easier for your hair to absorb them. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals would also do the trick; vegetables such as spinach and lettuce, and fruits like banana and apples would help you nourish your hair.

• Appropriate protection from damage - your hair might be exposed to the sun's rays at some point, so make sure to be ready when this happens. Protect it by using a hair product that provides sunscreen for your hair, such as those that contain Vitamin E, proteins, and mineral oils. If you would be travelling, keeping your hair in a nice (but not too tight) bun or ponytail would prevent it from drying up due to the conditions of the air and the pollutions in the environment. If you must use a blower, make sure to keep it at least two inches away from your locks not so much that it would make your hair look dull.

If you truly want to speed up hair growth, you must remember that the simplest things you do can add up to the total condition of your hair. Taking enough rest, drinking lots of water, and taking vitamin supplements, for instance, might even be able to help you grow your hair faster and prevent hair loss.