To run a WordPress website efficiently, you need to focus on one special area – the loading time. Faster websites are SEO friendly as major search engines take the loading time of a website into consideration when they index pages. Faster websites also use less bandwidth, a definite advantage for users. Considering so many plus points of reducing the loading time of website, it is essential that you take special care to increase the speed of the site. If you are running a WordPress website, you can install several kinds of plugins to make the site fast.

7 Best Plugins to Reduce the Loading Time of WordPress-Powered Website:

  1. WP Super Cache Plugin: To lessen the load on the server, WP Super Cache Plugin converts the dynamic pages of your site into static HTML pages. This way when a site is opened, the server scans the static HTML pages instead of the dynamic ones.

  2. W3 Total Cache: One of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress, W3 Total Cache has got the best ratings. From faster page loads to drastic improvement of quality and reduced downtime, there is hardly any area that the plugin ignores. The plugin enhances the website by caching browser, pages etc, using content delivery network (CDN).

  3. WP If there are lots of images in your website and you want to optimize the images, WP is the perfect plugin for you. You can also convert .gif images into .png or .jpeg images. The files sizes of the images are also reduced so that they can be easily loaded from the server.

  4. Parallelize: A hostname cannot manage more than 2-4 concurrent HTTP requests at the same time. This results in websites becoming slower. To counter this problem, the Parallelize plugin is used. This plugin parallelizes several files from the site on multiple hostnames helping in increasing the loading time of the pages. The performance of the WordPress website automatically improves. The plugin also caches the browsers and the same host names are used for loading the resources every single time.

  5. JS & CSS Script Optimizer: To help improve the speed of a WordPress site, the JS & CSS Script Optimizer plugin groups the CSS and JavaScript files. This proves helpful as the number of HTTP requests is reduced in the process.

  6. Hyper Cache: This plugins helps in caching sites for faster, better performance. This plugin is especially useful for sites which run on low resources hosting providers such as CPU and MySQL.

  7. Quick Cache: For caching every part of your website, the Quick Cache plugin works wonders. The plugin caches everything such as posts, pages, links and categories. The cache also gets stored in the database which can be later used for reference.

Since WordPress is an open source content management system, you will readily find several other plugins for the same purpose. The WordPress plugin directory is the right place to get the details about each and every plugin you may consider.

Speed up your WordPress website now and enjoy!