The Typing Benefit to Teen Chat

When parents think of their teens using teen chat services online they often think their kids are just wasting their time socializing online when they could be doing something more productive. One thing parents often fail to recognize is the skills they are developing while chatting.

While a lot of online conversational skills don't carry over into real life, what does carry over is your ability to type. As long as your teens have a basic understanding of typing which most schools teach anyways, chatting online should drastically increase the rate at which they type.

Apple KeyboardWhat good will come from being a fast typer you might ask? Aside from being able to finish their homework faster and more efficiently, being a fast typer could have a positive impact on their options for future jobs. Many companies require that you can type a certain amount of words per minute to be eligible for a specific position. They need you to type fast to ensure that you are able to meet certain efficiency metrics.

The only downside to all the typing, is a lot of teens tend to develop habits of abbreviating words. This isn't really a problem as most people can differentiate real words from Internet babble when it comes down to writing an essay. One thing you can do if you catch your teen emailing you with Internet babble is let them know you would like them to talk to you in proper English. This will help develop the ability to resist the use of their abbreviated slangs when talking to somebody in a professional manner.

So while you may think your teens are wasting their time online in all these free teen chat rooms, they are actually developing vital computer skills that they will be able to take forward with them in their lives.