Coffee pods are a new innovation that has been warmly welcomed by fans of coffee beverages. Able to be made at home, they are small single-serving units that create delicious beverages. Used in conjunction with their matching machines, the pods are placed inside, and hot water is forced through them, much like a fast-forward version of steeping tea.

Single Serve Coffee Units Are Rich In Variety

Pod coffee makers and their special matching products come in a wealth of styles and shapes. Two of these styles are a flat pod, shaped like a circular teabag, and a cup-like version that looks a lot like a disposable creamer.

The Mechanics of Instant Java From Pods

Sure, you know that pod style coffee is made by a machine, but if you are curious about what happens when the lid is closed, read on. If you are using one of those round, mesh style pod coffee modules, your machine pushes hot water through the material, mixing it with the coffee grounds inside to dispense your hot coffee below. With cup versions of pods, which can also be referred to as K-cups, hollow tubes poke through the top and bottom, mixing hot water through grounds and a tiny filter inside.

No More Five Dollar Coffee: Saving Money With Coffee Pods

For people who enjoy coffee, their daily routine likely entails getting a cup (or several) from a local coffee house or chain coffee store. No matter where it is purchased, it all adds up to one thing: having people make your coffee for you can cost a lot of money, especially if it is a habit. Coffee pods, which cost less than a dollar each, can give you your favorite drink for much less than what you'd pay at a store.

Pod Style Coffee: A Great Choice For You

Saving time and money is important these days, and if you can do both and not sacrifice taste, why not give it a shot? Coffee pods can be purchased in a wide range of flavors, as well as in tea and hot cocoa editions, and can be made quickly at home; they are a great fit for your lifestyle.