Sunburn Treatment For A Beach Sunburn

You've waited all year for spring break, and here it is, your very first day out on the beach, you're blistered to beat the band; you need a speedy relief sunburn treatment so you can somewhat enjoy the rest of your vacation. After all, one of the main reasons you saved your coins and headed down to the beach for spring break was so you could come back home with a wonderful golden tan. Now all you will have to show off is red, tight, peeling, and flaking skin.

What most passionate sun lovers don't realize is that it only takes 30 minutes for first time exposure to the sun to produce monster sunburn, and in some cases it only takes 15 minutes. That it is the main reason that so many kids end up with a sunburn from hell, they just don't realize how little time it takes to get a problematic burn.

The trick to minimizing the after effects sunburn is to start a severe sunburn treatment early. That means you have to be aware of what is going on with you skin. You can't wait until you skin gets beat red on the beach, because that will be too late, you will be laid up for seven days to wait for the healing to take place. And that means no more sun exposure for you.

If you haven't just cooked yourself to a crisp, here are some simple sunburn treatments that you can apply right in your hotel room that will act quickly to ease the pain, reduce the swelling and minimize the permanent damage to your skin:

1. Keep The Sunburned Areas Cool - This can be accomplished either by taking cool, but not cold baths or by placing cool compresses on the area. Many people do not like to take baths, but remember the sunburned skin is tender and damaged, if the shower pressure is too strong it could blast the skin into even more damage. Use a soft towel as a make-do compress.

2. Apply Plant Based Moisturizers -
Aloe Vera and jojoba oil would be great. Avoid heavy petroleum based products as they will drive the heat in, clog the pores, and delay the healing process. Also avoid products like benzocaine or for the matter any products that have "caine" in the name. While these products are advertised to help heal sunburns, many people find that they only irritate the skin, while doing little if anything to help heal the burn. Continue applying the moisturizer even during the peeling process.

3. Take OTC Pain Medication As Directed On The Package -
Aspirin and Ibuprfen are both good for treatment of sunburn, as they act as an anti inflammatory to reduce the swelling, redness and tightness.

4. Drink Lots Of Fluids - When you are sunburned, you are already dehydrated, and so force yourself to drink plenty of water and juices. Beer, alcohol, and soft drinks will only make your dehydration worse, so avoid them totally. I can hear you say, "What a bummer! No, Beer at the beach!" but it is critical that you rehydrate yourself to help minimize the damage.

5. Leave The Blisters Intact
- An important step in any treatment for sunburn is to resist the temptation to pop or break the blisters. They form a protective layer, which helps in the healing process and they also help prevent infection.

Doing these five steps immediately after you realize you have gotten sunburned should help you get your healthy skin back, but if you want immediate, almost instant relief, use this amazing treatment for sunburn that eliminates sunburn pain, blistering and even the annoying peeling in only five short minutes.