If you're a man or woman who experiences discomfort from the pain of plantar fasciitis, flat feet, shin splints, or other foot injuries, then you should consider trying Spenco arch supports for foot pain. Spenco RX insoles provide the proper cushioning layers to wear on the insoles of your shoes. They're customized to fit different feet, absorb shock, and provide extra protection and comfort for those with sensitive feet. They're highly recommended to wear by podiatrists. Spenco foot arch and insole supports are very cheap for anyone to purchase. Down below are  details on some of Spenco's most popular insole arch supports for plantar fasciitis, foot pain, and arch pain.

Orthotic Arch Supports

The most popular Spenco product for foot pain are the arch supports. The Spenco provides the proper support, stability, and cushioning from the heel to the toe. The cushion is made with a antimicrobial fabric to keep your feet protected from bacteria, fungus, and to prevent against blisters. The arch support will absorb shock, and will provide the natural balance of your forefoot. Highly recommended for anyone who experiences plantar fasciitis, or those who struggle to find the proper support for their arch.


Spenco Rx Orthotic Full Length

Spenco Rx Orthotic (Full Length), Women's 11-12 / Men's 10-11
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Available in all sizes for men and women!

The Spenco arch supports should strengthen the joints and muscles in your feet, and ankle. Anyone who runs a lot, particularly on off road terrains might appreciate these orthotic arch supports to help relieve the burden of the arch and heel. They prevent against nearly any foot or ankle injury you can think of. They'll take a lot of pressure of the achilles tendon. Anyone can wear these for any type for foot wear. Anyone with a weak arch particularly should try them out. They're available in variety of different sizes for both men and women. For those who wear really tight shoes can try the 3/4 orthotic arch supports.

ThinSole Orthotics

If you're a runner you might want to try the ThinSole orthotic arch supports. They're very light, but still tough enough to provide proper support for the arch, and prevent plantar achilles from occurring. They're just as good as the orthotic arch supports, expect they're much more lighter and probably work better for those who run. You won't even notice the extra weight in your shoes. They'll keep your feet flexible, comfortable, and provide your arch with the right amount of balance. They fit well with basically any type of shoes or boots. Highly recommended you wear them with your slippers when you're at home. Arch pain can be typically the most problematic when those walk around at home on hard surfaces in their bare feet. They're also available in 3/4 sizes for men and women who wear tighter shoes.

ThinSole Orthotic Arch Supports

Spenco Rx Thinsole (Full Length), Women's 7-8 / Men's 6-7
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Arch Cushions

For extremely painful aches in the feet the arch cushions provide the proper support and comfort for foot pain, and injuries like plantar fasciitis. Extra stability and support is provided from those recovering from very painful and intense foot injuries. For example, if you've just had surgery and need a little more protection and support, then the Spenco arch cushions are highly recommended. The arch cushions provide the maximum support for insoles. Highly recommended for anyone suffering from bunions, plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries, or any other kind of foot injury. They are design to reduce friction, and they'll help to stabilize the entire foot. They're available in 3/4 length for both men and women who wear tighter shoes.

Spenco Arch Heel Cushions

Spenco® Heel Cushions
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Other Spenco RX Products for Foot Pain

Comfort Insoles - Comfort insoles can be worn by anyone for protection of the forefoot. They're highly recommended for those with flat feet. There's no arch in these comfort insoles. You can wear with any type of shoe.

Spenco Rx Comfort Insoles, Women's 7-8 / Men's 6-7
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(price as of Feb 17, 2014)

Gel Ball of Foot - If you suffer from heel discomfort, then the ball of foot is made with the combination of thermoplastic rubber, along with a right about of cushioning for the heel. Anyone experiencing metatarsal pain should find relief using Spenco's gel ball of foot to reduce inflammation.

Spenco Gel Ball Of Foot
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Heel Cushions - Pretty self explanatory what heel cushions do, they protected the heel from wear and tear. They take less pressure off your heel, and your plantar fascia. They can also provide good support for your ankle and achilles tendon. Good heel support is crucial to minimizing the stress your foot has to endure.