Are you expecting any excellent payout this tax season despite Obama’s recent influences? If so, you must be quickly anticipating the income, quickly chronicling the ways you can spend the money after a long work year. You deserve something special if you get a nice government payout, but it is probably wise to consider doing something a bit different than usual this time out.

With the economy in a troubling state, one could absolutely make the argument that you spend it while it’s worth at least SOMETHING. I could understand that argument, but these people may find their dreams dwindling by the wayside despite their quickly pricey vacations. If you want to make some money from this money, try to invest it outside the typical means people attempt. Many people opt for the stock market, claiming a few blue chip stocks and banking on the few cents they are likely to make over the course of a few years. Outside the stock market, there are plenty of ways to make money. Try buying and selling items. These can be customized items that can only be obtained at your place of business. They can also be widely available items.

When I say “place of business” I don’t mean lease a physical building. I mean an online shop! Take advantage of Ebay and Amazon by selling items to customers. Make your own shop by building your own site or using a site-building service. They usually charge by the month or year for the convenience of setting up a site for you. Buy items from physical sellers and resell them online. The old adage “people will buy anything” does apply, and especially so when you are reaching the vast millions who surf the web for oddities.

Your tax money can disappear quite quickly if you do not take control of it and allocate it properly. Perhaps it is this year where you will do something new with your extra surge of income. It seems many either spend it quickly on something they needed, or invest it in safe ways. But by thinking just slightly outside the box, you can find a whole new world worth exploring- and making money. Buying and selling items is just one idea, and a rather rudimentary one at that, to get your brain started on money making techniques which can go many places beyond “the safe zone.”