Sometimes it is just so difficult to come together as a family to enjoy quality time together. This is for a number of reasons. If one of the parents works shifts, then there would probably be only limited time to be in the house together. If the parents run their own businesses away from home - because it is their own business, there is a tendency to spend time outside the home running the business in order to make a living for the whole family. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it only becomes a problem when the family structure is neglected and the children feel left out and grow up with no memories of having spent time together.

If one has children that are of college age, they most certainly won't be sticking around all the time with their parents. They would most definitely want to hang out with their mates.

Whilst there is nothing wrong for family members to do their own thing, the time a family spends together is rather priceless and would be something looked back on in the future as memorable.

So what can one do in order to get to spend time together as a family?

Decide as a family that you would all meet together. Make sure you all check your schedules so that you won't say that you have to cancel at the last minute.

Decide what you are going to do. Are you going to rent a film, play glames, or have a family outing. Whatever you decide to do, make it something that the whole family will enjoy.

Depending on the age range of the children and the parents, the kids could decide to teach their parents how to use a Wii for example. This would be fun for the children to see their parents trying something new for a change and laughing at their parents mistakes. The parents on the other hand could tell the children about family history, fashion in their time, what type of TV programmes they used to watch in those days etc. It really doesnt have to be something fancy, as long as it is something that the whole family does together.

Similar to what I just mentioned above, the family could decide that every 2 months, they would participate in any activity selected from a particular member of the family. This would be very interesting on both sides because the rule is that they all have to participate and if for example, the children decide they want to show their parents how to bunge jump, for example, the parents have no way of backing out - a rule is a rule!

Family vacations are wonderful, but what I am talking about is what happens in between.

Parents like to provide for their children and sometimes in the process forget that they have to spend quality time with the children they are working hard to provide for.

So parents, please make time for your children and spend quality times together.