Weekends away from home need not always be about frolicking under the sun or discovering wildlife. You can also mix in some learning with the fun by taking wine tours in Melbourne to taste some wine and learn new Italian dishes.

There are many different wine tours offered in the city and one of these will take you to the Yarra Valley wineries. Located in the garden state of Victoria, the Yarra Valley wine region is home to more than 70 wine cellars in the country and is known for producing world-class Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Coming on a wine tour here is already a treat in itself, but mixing it with an Italian cooking lesson makes it even better.

Going on a Yarra Valley tour will take you away for an entire weekend. Based in Healesville, the tour will have you ensconced in a beautiful estate in the region. It features a lounge with an open fireplace, which is perfect for hanging out for a nightcap before going to bed. When you wake up to get ready for a day of learning cooking or wine tasting, you will have your breakfast or brunch served in the airy dining area of the estate.

You will have transportation ready to take you to every location set for your tour. You will be treated to four specially-arranged wine tastings in some of the best Yarra Valley wineries where you will have your taste of the best sparkling wines of the region. You will have two food tastings as well as a workshop as well where you will be treated to samplings of the area’s best gourmet produce like fruit preserves, cheeses and chocolates.

Your Italian cooking lesson will be headed by one of the best chef’s in Yarra Valley. Because of this, your class will already be an experience all by itself. Although you will never know beforehand what you will learn, you are assured that it will be an absolutely delightful and totally hands-on.

Because you will just be part of a small group of eight people, you will be able to take part in every aspect of the cooking, from preparing the ingredients to serving the finished product on a plate. With this, you will really learn everything and can even take what you learn and apply it on a meal for your family and friends. This guest chef will also prepare a special dinner for you at his restaurant. This can be considered as one of the highlights of your Yarra Valley tour and will be a sure-fire hit among you and your group.