If you decide to purchase an expensive set of sunglasses once you review the pros and cons, visit online sites like Macy's or Bloomingdale's to choose a pair of premium sunglasses. Everyone should own at least one pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from damaging ultraviolet light. Studies show that sunlight can damage your vision over time. Although everyone will agree that sunglasses with both Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) filters are the best option for healthy eyes, there is a bit of disagreement over whether expensive sunglasses are any better than cheaper sunglasses.

Style & Craftsmanship

The first thing that most people notice about an expensive pair of sunglasses is that they just look better. Part of the reason is that famous designers have created an up-to-date look that matches current trends. With expensive sunglasses, you can choose the same glasses that your favorite sports star or celebrity prefers. The other reason that they look better is because of the better materials and craftsmanship that go into premium sunglasses. It doesn't take more than a quick look to know whether you have a quality pair of sunglasses or a cheap pair. If looks and craftsmanship are important to you, then paying extra for sunglasses will be well worth it.


As mentioned previously, the primary reason to wear sunglasses is for eye protection. As long as the sunglasses are certified to filter out a high percentage of both UVA and UVB rays, they will protect your eyes in the same way regardless of the cost. You should also make sure that the sunglasses provide adequate coverage and don't allow the dangerous rays to peak in from the sides or top. If you are interested in eye protection only, then it may not be worth paying for the extra cost of premium sunglasses.


If you frequently break or damage your sunglasses, your choice could go either way depending on the type of damage that is usually done to them. Damage that is due to poor craftsmanship or shoddy materials may not occur in an expensive pair. However, if you have a habit of sitting or stepping on your sunglasses and crushing them, no amount of high-quality materials will help you. Of course, if you purchase a pair of premium sunglasses, some manufacturer's offer a repair service or replacement parts that could save you money in the long run. You will have to judge your individual situation to decide if breakage potential is a benefit of more expensive sunglasses.


Many people are careless with their sunglasses. They lay them down anywhere, and forget about them. Sometimes, they're able to retrieve them. Other times, they can't be found. Either you simply can't remember where they are or another person liked them just as much as you did. With an expensive pair of sunglasses, this becomes a bigger problem. The price tag won't keep you from losing them, and you run a bigger chance of having someone walk off with a loose pair. Loss is a reason to stick with inexpensive sunglasses.