Here at Spex and Suits, we pride ourselves on the disgusting stuff we watch. So what better way to share our love for blood and gore than to pass our expansive knowledge on to you. We hope we can lead you  in the right direction with some recommendations, push you away with some movies to avoid and enlighten you with an oldie but a goodie. Before you get mad that your favorite or least favorite movie is not on this list take a step back, put your self in our shoes and think "Do I care?".  This is just a small sample of some disturbing movies and we will get to yours soon enough.  And do not worry we have seen pretty much all the movies that you are thinking of.  Come and enjoy your weird disgusting hobbies with some like-minded people.  

  So come in, take your seat, grab your popcorn and barf bucket and enjoy.  Just please don't get any on us.

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Movies we talk about this video are Audition directed by Takashi Miike,The Shining by Stanley Kubrick, Funny Games by Michael Haneke,Wait Until Dark directed by Terence Young, August Mordum Underground designed by Toetag Pictures, Martyrs directed by Pascal Laugier.

The Audition (1999) - I think we've all heard this story before.  Boy meets girl, Boy loses girl, Boy holds an audition for a new girl, Boy finds out new girl is completely crazy.  This is a different kind of movie than what we're used to it doesn't go for the gore and shock factor.  Rather it focuses on the absolute enjoyment the killer gets from torturing her victim than the act itself.  Though brief, you can really feel what is happening our lonely main character.  Needles in the eyes?  You first.

Martyrs (2008) - On to the other end of the spectrum, Martyrs is one hell of a gory film.  Those french-canadians sure know how to make an enjoyable horror movie.  That and poutine.  Throughout the movie, you might ask yourself... "Is all this violence really necessary?"  I say this to you true believers.  "Yes. It is."  Having escaped years of abuse in a dark dilapidated abattoir (it means slaughterhouse, there you go word of the day) as a child.  I know I wouldn't be a happy camper either.  The revenge scenes in the movie aren't exact, they aren't clean, and they certainly aren't subtle.  But hey, you try firing a sawed off shotgun and tell me how it goes.

Funny Games (2007) - When beating up a family for your own personal enjoyment goes wrong.  A typical family trip to the lake house turns into a nightmare that just found out it was pregnant.  Throughout the movie, the family is subjected to the sick and twisted antics of their captors, all to the soundtrack of Naked City.  This movie is really something else, the killers break the fourth wall a couple of times through the movie and interact with the audience in a way that makes you want to hurl.  "Of course I don't want them to die, Mr. Killer Man!"  Then I realized my opinion doesn't matter I'm just one man, I can't save the world.  =(

August Underground's Mordum (2003) - Mordum, more like boredom... hehe. Anyways this very gory movie has such real "fake" gore that the filmmaker Fred Vogel got stopped at the Canadian border and questioned about transporting snuff films. Unfortunately for the movie that's the most interesting part.  It follows around a trio of psychopathic killers as they go on a murder rampage. Sure the gore looks good and the film is pretty much just a demo real for the special effects, as everything else in this movie is garbage, human garbage.  If your into pure gore you'll be hard pressed to find anything worse but if you like movies that you know are good, avoid this.

Wait Until Dark (1967) - Not as disturbing as films today but a great watch. The film starts with an old man sewing some drugs into a doll for a woman to transport into the United States.  She then gives the doll to someone she met on the airplane, promising to find him and come get it.  She is then carried off by a shady character at her destination airport.  The rest of the movie follows that shady character trying to find this drug filled doll from a blind Audrey Hepburn who doesn't know anything about the doll. When the movie was released, a warning at the start of the film was played, letting the audience know that the movies theatre lights will be turned down to the legal minimum during the last part of the movie.  This really let you feel the main characters dread and pulls you into the film even more.  This type of stuff is missing from movies these days.  You know what else I miss, Smell-o-vision.  It was real go look it up.  Yay awesome right?

The Shining (1980) - The funniest thing is, the first time I ever heard of "The Shining" was from The Simpsons Halloween episode.  Long story short, The main character, Jack accepts a job as a caretaker for a ski resort/hotel for the winter.  He brings with him his creepy kid and even creeper wife.  Whoever did the casting for this movie deserves the $10,000 because the wife looks creepy as hell.  Their child has an uncanny ability to communicate with the supernatural, which brings all sorts of fun to the family.  "No tv and no beer make homer go something something" I think that pretty much explains it all.