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Many of the spice plantations in Goa, India allow people on holidays to Goa to visit and it is a great tour you can take to learn about the spice industry. The tours also show visitors how the spices are used in cooking and in medicine. Plus, you get lunch and can purchase some of the spices and oils when the tour is done!
There are also elephants at the spice plantations and tourists on travel to Goa, India can pay to take a short ride on one or you can even pay to have one of the elephants spray you with water if you buy a power shower.

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Where are all of Goa’s Spice Plantations located?
Three of Goa’s spice plantations are open to tourists on a Goa vacation. They are close to the village of Ponda and two are east of there and one is north of there. These are the Sahkari Spice Farm, the Pascoal Spice Farm, and the Savoi Spice Plantation.
If you are on an all inclusive package of tourism to Goa, then many of these have a tour to the spice plantations included in the price. If not, it doesn’t cost as much to get your own transportation to one of them, as you can take a bus or arrange for a taxi or rickshaw.

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What will I see at a spice plantation?
Spice plantation tours go about 60 minutes and you will have a guide that will lead you around the place and show you and teach you about all of the kinds of spices, herbs and other products that are grown on spice plantations.
You will get to see fragrant and delicious offerings such as cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric and chili. You will also see some of the various fruit grown on Goa, such as the jackfruit, mangoes, bananas, pineapples and breadfruits.
At the end of the tour, patrons will get to eat a delicious Thai style of meal and then you will be allowed to buy all the spices, herbs, fruit or souvenirs you like.
Be sure to bring your camera or video camera to record your special day when you visit the spice plantations of Goa! And it is also best to wear comfortable, cool clothing so you will be comfy during the tour.

Spice Plantations Add to Goa’s Mystic and Beauty
Goa has lovely and exotic beaches tourists can enjoy, as well as a fun nightlife, historical churches and forts to explore and beautiful scenery. But don’t leave out a trip to the spice plantations to get the full feel of the things Goa has to offer.
Spices are a major part of the items that Goa exports and you don’t want to miss the chance to buy them fresh and pure right where the herbs and fruits and other ingredients are picked and ground and processed right before your eyes.
Few places grow these amounts of so many exotic spices, herbs and fruits! This is the opportunity of a lifetime to see how so many things are made!