Bring a little piece of Italy to your wedding day with these unique Italian wedding favors, decorations and themes. Based on the things Italians love most-delicious food, great wine and beautiful art-we've come up with a list of truly unique ways to spice up your special day with some Italian flavor.

Personalized Couture Bread
Couture Bread
You probably never thought about bread as a wedding decoration, but one look at this couture bread, and you'll see that it rises to the occasion. Expert artisan bakers can recreate your wedding monogram, bake your initials or wedding date right in the top as shown in the photo or whatever else you can imagine, while making a uniquely edible centerpiece. Just look at the craftsmanship in this example. The use of flour is exquisite, creating a multi-toned texture and brilliant contrast.

Gelato Italian Dessert
One of Italy's most famous sweet treat is gelato. If you're Italian, you already know of its goodness. But if you aren't, you'll soon discover the smooth, flavorful, chilly concoction that is their version of ice cream. Although it looks a lot like ice cream, it's actually less fattening (with only 8% butterfat vs. 14% in ice cream). Serve this dessert as a delightful ending your reception. Or, if you truly can't get enough of a good thing, set up a full bar brimming with gelato so that guests can help themselves.

Wine and Olive Oil
The Tuscany influence spreads to many countries, as just about every culture reflects images of Italy. Known for their beautiful countryside, Tuscans know fine olive oil and good wine. Celebrate both at your wedding by uncorking a bottle of Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino or Nobile di Montepulciano, all popular Italian wines, and incorporating olives in your appetizers and main dishes. Porcelain plates of olive oil for dipping would be wonderful starters served with crusty bread.

Murano Italian Bottle Stopper Favor
Beautiful Art
I can't even begin to tell you about the art you can find in Italy-all the works by Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, the Dome, the stunning churches and basilicas and the Palaces. It's a cultural Mecca showcasing generations of style and creativity. Add an artful flair to your tables by honoring a different artist at each with a copy of their work and maybe a little history about the artist. Guests would be honored to sit at the Michelangelo table! You can also incorporate beautiful art into your decor by choosing Murano glass napkin rings and bottle stopper favors, or decorative coasters and small porcelain dishes can be given as practical Italian wedding favors for your guests. They make wonderful canvases to display Italian art.
Italian Food Pasta
Bella Cucina
The Italian's way of saying "beautiful kitchen", bella cucina expresses the love for good food and the time spent with family and friends cooking, eating and enjoying the meal. There are so many traditional dishes that can be served, but when it comes to highlighting the meal with a few favorites, mocha cappuccino, espresso, biscotti, and of course, pasta come to mind. No matter what is served, the food is beautiful in the preparation and also the presentation, as attention is paid to every detail-even with the popular Ribbon Confetti Flowers with Jordan almonds, a traditional Italian wedding favor. Also known as Crispo Almonds, these five nuts that represent wishes for health, happiness, fertility, prosperity and long life are elegantly packaged inside a petal-shaped pouch and decorated with flowers, ribbon, trinkets or whatever you like.

As you can see, spicing up your special day with an Italian flair can be a wonderful way to celebrate your heritage and the rich culture. A special occasion made even more special by the addition of good food, beautiful art and the love of family--now, that's Italian!