Over time, a large amount of research has been conducted to seek out medical solutions offering cures for morning sickness. But until recently they still, in a single way or the other, pose some threat of side effects to babies.

Though traditional drugs have improved today, medical professionals continue to be cautious in recommending drug medications. This could be because of the fact that fetal problems still occur in many cases.

Therefore, it's always advisable to avoid drug medications or anytime nausea and vomiting become troublesome, such medications should really be ingested in small amount of doses. The truth is the the easy way survive it without having to worry about unwanted effects is always to opt for natural home remedies for morning sickness.

There are certainly a variety of natural home remedies that are safe. In fact, majority of them are available in your kitchen area, specifically in your spice rack. Here's a list of spices that you may want to use to naturally cure morning sickness.

Ginger - Ginger tea has long been used for treating morning sickness in several countries. This beverage is often created by slicing or grating moderate amount of peeled or powdered ginger roots poured with very hot water plus some drops of honey and lemon so as to add flavor. In some Asian countries, the teas are produced by boiling peeled, sliced ginger and usually added with brown sugar and lemon or sliced orange to provide flavor. Ginger roots contain chemicals called gingerols and shogaols that relax the intestinal tract and offer relief to vomiting and nausea.

Fennel- Fennel seed has actually been considered a Chinese traditional medicine for nausea. The anaesthetic properties of this seed are known to reduce queasiness. Fennel tea is typically made by adding 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds in a cup of boiling water. Allow it to stand for ten minutes and savor it in sips to naturally relieve nausea.

Mint - Mint's anaesthetic properties help ease up nausea by reducing the stomach's gag reflex. When that nauseaus feeling hits, simply drink a cup full of mint tea. To prepare a minty anti nausea tea, just place 1 tablespoon of mint leaves in a 1-pint jar of boiling water and let stand for 20 - 30 minutes, shake from time to time and strain.

Lavender and thyme - The soothing scents of these herbs provide healing effects for stress, insomnia and depression, among other things. Lavender and thyme are likewise your very best self cures for morning sickness, specially in fighting nausea-causing odors. Just have a pouch of those herbs around you and breathe in deeply whenever you sense that your stomach turn sour.