Achieving Better Results With Variety

Our Bodies are Adaptable

Believe or not, our bodies can adapt to moves we do on a regular basis. For example, doing the same 20 push-ups will become less beneficial overtime because your body would have built the necessary muscles to do that exercise and has learnt how to perform that same movement more efficiently. Hence, doing 20 push-ups may reap you more benefits at the outset, but the same 20 push-ups down the road (assuming you have been performing them consistently) may not give you the same rate of muscle gain, for example.

Varying the way we do the same exercise is a good way to keep the movement fresh and new to our body. This prevents our bodies from adapting or stagnating at a certain level. There are some simple ways you can incorporate variations into your weight loss programs. 


Vary the Exercise Component of Weight Loss Programs According to Simple Principles

Vary your weight loss programs for greater effectiveness

Here are some simple principles to help you vary the exercises that you are currently doing. 

Firstly, you could vary how frequent you exercise. For most of us, it means increasing the number of times you exercise in a week. You could even try exercising twice in a day, that is, once in the morning to kick start your day and later that same evening to destress from your workday. Generally, it is advisable that you workout four to six times a week, if your schedule allows.

Secondly, the same exercises can have different impacts on your body, depending on how intense your workout is. A quick way to intensify your workout is to take shorter rest periods in between your exercises. This means that your body does not have the luxury to fully recover before you get back into the exercise again. Intensifying your workout with shorter rest breaks maintains your heart rate at a certain level for fat burn purpose. This is key. It also has the benefit of improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Thirdly, varying the duration of exercise. Long workouts are typically focused on fat burn purpose. Research have shown that the body starts to burn fat after a period of 17 minutes of continuous exercising. 


Circuit Training – A Challenging Variation

For those feeling up for a challenge, a combination of the different types of training exercises can be incorporated into your weight loss workouts. For example, you could combine strength training with aerobic training, otherwise better known as “circuit training”. Typically, there would be different stations/stops strength exercises would be performed for about 30, 45 or 60 seconds, depending on your level of fitness. Once an exercise is completed, you would jog or run to the next station without any rest. This process would be repeated for 5 or 6 exercises to constitute 1 set. You could perform 3 or 4 sets, with 1 or 2-minute rests in between sets. Keeping your heart rate at a level of between 60% to 80% of your maximum heart rate is key to burning fat and building cardiovascular strength. 

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