Spider Monkeys for sale are often kept an exotic pet. Get one for yourself today and join the many who own these special pets. These animals are commonly found in the tropical forests of Central and South America. Before buying one, it is vital that you learn more about them such as their characteristics, behavior and their food intake. This article also covers the places you can buy spider monkeys for sale and also their cost.


Spider monkeys for sale have long limbs and a long tail, thus getting its name. Their tails are unique as it has hairless tips and skin patterns resembling a fingerprint. Natively, they live on the upper layers of the rainforest. Its body color ranges from gold to brown and black, however the face is hairless. The nostrils are generally very far apart. They can grow up to two feet long and you may be surprised that their tails may grow up to 2 feet long as well. As they do not have thumbs, these primates rely on their tail to keep balance while walking. Spider monkeys for sale can weigh up to 10-15 pounds when fully grown.


Spider monkeys for sale are active and social animals. However, they prefer to avoid one another during the day. This means that they are in small groups of 2 or 3 when searching for food. They will get together with their group again at night. Company is very important to them, so if you are thinking of buying spider monkeys for sale, you must have the time to care for it well or else it can die of loneliness.

When these spider monkeys for sale are approached by predators, they create attention by shaking the trees and growl at them. Being one of the smartest animals alive, they would even break off branches and drop them on their predator. If you decide to get one, do note that they might view you as an intruder at first instance and attack you. You can't blame them for that as it is their natural instinct. Therefore, it would be better to get your spider monkeys for sale when they are still young so that they can adapt to your surroundings.

Food and Diet

Spider monkeys for sale eat fruits and nuts in the wild, so you can expect to feed them the same when they are in captivity. They have a unique way of eating the fruits as they swallow the fruits whole. Besides that, they can also eat leaves, seeds, insects and small bird eggs. If you decide to get one for yourself, ensure that you can supply them with as many fruits as possible as it is important for their digestion. In some places, fruits may be expensive, so you might want to take into account this cost before purchasing one. Although you can get pet food for your spider monkeys for sale, it is best to minimize that intake so that you can give them the most natural way of living as in the wild to ensure that they are happy. Remember, a hungry animal would tend to be irritated and become vicious.

Where Can I Buy Spider Monkeys for Sale?

If you are looking to buy spider monkeys for sale, your best bet would be getting on the internet and searching for farms and breeders near you. Pay them a visit so that you can see the animal first before buying them. Most breeders sell these primates before they are even born, so you can make a booking with a breeder and wait for delivery. Of course you may have to pay a small deposit first to book your place. You could specify the gender of the spider monkeys for sale that you want but do note that your waiting period might be longer if the gender you want is not available. Mothers carry the baby in their womb for around 230 days and only have a baby once every 3 to 4 years.

You can get your spider monkeys for sale from exotic pet stores. Search the yellow pages for an exotic pet store near you and pay it a visit. Contrary to your belief, these stores have been increasingly popular with people keeping exotic pets such as tarantulas, chameleons and more. You might get lucky and find a store which sells spider monkeys for sale. You can get advice from the store owner about the suitable food to feed them and cage for your new pet. You should give your spider monkeys for sale a fairly large space to roam so that they can stretch their limbs.

How much do Spider Monkeys for Sale Cost?

Depending on where you get them, spider monkeys for sale cost in a range of $500 to $2500. You may find that some websites offer them for cheap. Specialist breeders will charge you more for these animals because they are specially bred and taken care of to ensure their quality. They cost you more because of the attention that the breeder has put into them such as the food they feed them. More expensive animals tend to be better cared for compared to cheaper ones. Visit a few farms and pet stores to compare prices of their spider monkeys for sale.

Other Important Information

One important thing to note before buying spider monkeys for sale is the restriction of certain states against keeping them as pets. Check with your local authority to find out whether you are living in a restricted area or not. You would not want to waste your money buying one and finding out that you cannot keep them.

Also, beware of internet scams selling spider monkeys for sale. Most of them pry on the desperate people who want to buy these rare animals. If the deal sounds too good to be true, they may be fake. These are sites to avoid as they will rip you off. Do not pay the seller before seeing the animal! If you are not able to visit them, only buy from reputable sellers on the internet. A good way to check this is to type the seller's website followed by the word scam in Google. If they are a scam, there will be people writing about it online.

Spider monkeys for sale also require a lot of attention and time, so if you are unable to commit, you might want to reconsider your decision of purchasing one.