Spider Totem: The Sacred Bond
Credit: Lisa Jacobs a.k.a Bunnygoth (cc)

Grandmother spider is said to be one of the original makers of the plane we inhabit. Her gentle and beautiful wisdoms can see with a heart-lit knowing what is needed to mend or fix a thing.


Transitory Spider Totem

The first message Grandmother spider may be sending to your heart is to look closely at your family unit. Are you noticing children that are in need? Are you spending to much time focused on work? Spider is the consummate lover. Grandmother spider can show you how to share your heart and celebrate familial bonds. She can also spy hidden gems in the family weave that can help you along your journey of soulful evolution.

The other three messages Grandmother spider may be extending include:

  • Family history. How are certain details about your ancestral story touching on the choices you make in your life path? Are you finished clearing family karma? Is it time to focus on the light you will bring your genome?
  • Deep psychological links. Are there triggers that are undermining your progress right now? What do these links connect to? Is there a significance you've missed while focusing on the doom and gloom aspect? Is there an Ancestral guide that can help you to overcome the pitfalls that have halted your step? What is your family magik? Wield its healing light. Love the fear away. Make it a habit.
  • The Bonds of love: Do they need to be healed between yourself and someone you were once close to? Heal them and progress. Love and be loved. Heal and be healed.


Lifelong Spider Totem

Spider totem natives are very gentle spirits who are extremely nurturing of their young. They may discover the gift of music in later life when times are quiet, and their souls seek peace. Grandmother spider will send clues every few years that can help a native build a stronger support system for their life paths. If one ignores the clues, grandmother may become quiet for a time. If you come to her with an open heart, however, she will likely help you to activate your strategic abilities, so you can forge a path befitting your heart's light degree.

Spider totem natives may find themselves moved by aesthetic. The symbolisms in the arts they appreciate most should be the art works they surround themselves with. The life of a spider totem native is greatly enhanced by correctly targeted archetypes. They are one with their environments and should strive to make their chosen place extremely comfortable, so they may rest and reflect their profoundly bright spirits.