Spider Veins on LegsKnowing what causes spider veins on legs and what to do about them can give you a peace of mind. Many people have to deal with these on a daily basis. People who are over 50 are generally the ones who are dealing with varicose or spider veins. These types of veins are very common and are present in 50-55 percent of women and 40-45 percent of men.

What do varicose veins look like?

You may have varicose veins but are not sure how they develop. These are red, blue or sometimes flesh colored enlarged veins. They sometimes look like a cord or seem twisted or bulging. They can also be swollen and above the surface of the skin. Spider veins on legs are similar but are usually smaller than varicose veins. You will often find spider veins on the leg, thigh or on the back of your calves.

Why do I have varicose veins?

These types of veins usually appear because of weak or damaged valves in your veins. The veins may have blood back up in them and this can cause them to turn into varicose veins. There are many things that can affect your chances of having these types of veins develop. Pregnancy, obesity, lack of movement, and sun exposure can all cause your chances to increase. Other reasons include getting older or hormonal changes. These can all affect whether you will develop spider veins or varicose veins.

Most often times you will see these show up in the leg area because of the pressure of your body weight. The task of carrying blood up the body to the heart can also cause them to appear. These veins have the hardest job of pushing the blood back up the body and to the heart. They are fighting against gravity to do this.

What can I do about veins in legs?

These can cause pain and should be seen by your doctor if they do. Your doctor may prescribe treatments such as wearing compression stockings or sclerotherapy to help relieve your spider or varicose veins. Lifestyle changes can also help in getting rid of these and treating them. Some even recommend varicose veins surgery or laser treatments of varicose veins.

Learning how to handle and treat your spider veins in the leg can help you to better understand them. You can feel more confident if you have them removed as they can be embarrassing to some. Be sure to see your doctor if you have pain around the veins or if they become red or swollen. They can help you get relief and possibly get rid of them for you.