Is "Spidey sense" a common phrase in your child's vocabulary? Then you've got a Spider-Man super-fan on your hands. And there's nothing your young one would love more than a Spider-Man theme party on his birthday. There's a big variety of Spider-Man party supplies out there to help you make the day "webtastic". Here you'll see some of the best, get a checklist of must-have Spidey supplies, and learn about the prices you should expect. So let's get started!

Spider-Man Party Supplies: Making A Super Day

Spider-man Web Slinger Cake Topper SetBetween his super strength, wall climbing prowess, and web slinging abilities, Spider-Man is one of the most popular super heroes out there. For generations, kids have been inspired by Spidey, and parents love him too. After all, as far as cartoon characters go, he's a good role model. He's a young man (Peter Parker) who cares about family and lives by the mantra, "With great power comes great responsibility."

You can feel great, then, about celebrating your young one's birthday with a Spider-Man theme party. It's a popular choice, and there are lots of amazing party supplies to turn your home into a Spidey shrine.

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The Spider-Man Party Supply Checklist

When you're ready to commit to hosting a Spider-Man theme party, you're taking on a great responsibility, too! To make it its best, you'll need to deliver on the decor. Don't despair! Just like any other super hero, you'll come through and deliver "oohs and aahs" to all the children present. Start with the checklist below. These are your core Spider-Man party supplies that you'll need to succeed.

Spider Sense Invitations

Spider-Man party invitations (plus thank you note cards)

Your theme birthday party begins well before the day ever arrives! Get the kids excited early by letting them know though their invitation what the theme is. And don't forget to pick up some Spidey thank you notes, too. It's a great way for your child to learn the great responsibility of expressing gratefulness to his friends.

Spider-Man tableware

Wilton Amazing Spider Man Cake Pan

No Spider-Man party can be complete without the main table being dressed to the nines in Spidey decorations, paper plates, cups, and napkins. There's all sorts of options here with Spider-Man in different poses, and even different style costumes. To make a big statement, also prep your table with a Spider-Man table cover and look for a Spider-Man centerpiece to pull it all together. You could pick up some Spider-Man plastic figurines to use as a centerpiece that can also double as party favors for all the kids attending.

A Spider-Man cake or cake topper

The cake is always the focal point of the day, so carry your main theme through. If you feel comfy in the kitchen, you can opt for buying a Spider-Man cake pan and making your own beautiful super hero cake. People will be really impressed with the commitment to the theme! But if a cake is not possible, then at least some sort of Spidey cake topper should be used.

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Halloween web that stretches (plus some plastic spiders)

It is Spider-Man after all, how can you host a theme party, then, without some fun web stretched out in your door ways and along your walls. You can even throw in some plastic spiders and say they are radioactive, just like how Peter Parker got his abilities.

Spiderman 3 Cardboard Masks 4ct

Spider-Man party favors

There's all sorts of cool things you can use here. Spider-Man paper masks and cartoon gloves are a go-to that always work. Or you could try some Spider-Man tattoos (temporary of course) to make everyone feel a part of the birthday celebration. Another fun option is to give every kid attending a Spider-Man yo-yo. The yo-yo action has got the feeling of web slinging that will light up the faces of all your young guests. Plus, they are fun for well beyond the party.

Kids Spiderman Gloves
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Spider-Man wall stickers

RoomMates RMK1078GSCS Amazing Spiderman Stick Peel & Giant Wall Decal

This is a super hero that clings to walls, so wall stickers are nearly a must for any Spider-Man theme birthday party. You can find lots of choice here, too, from nearly life-sized wall decals to fun miniature stickers. Remember, wall decals won't ruin your wallpaper or paint, so don't be afraid of going for it!

Spider-Man Party Supply Prices

Your money will go far when it comes to these party supplies. Spider-Man is a popular party theme, so there's lots of items to choose from. Many items (and sets of items) range from $5 to $15. There are some pieces that are more, but overall you can totally make over your space in an economical way.

If you've got a child who just loves Spider-Man, you really can't go wrong with this theme party concept. There's lots more Spider-Man party supplies and all of the costs are really budget friendly, so go for it in the design and accent the essentials with lots of flair. You'll be a super hero yourself for delivering such a great birthday.