If you are looking for a simple, slim, and effective case for your Samsung Galaxy S4, look no further.  The Spigen Neo Hybrid Case is perfect in all ways possible.  It is a two-part case with a TPU back cover and a polycarbonate frame.  It is a minimalistic design that is form-fitting to the S4's already sleek look.  It feels great in your hand and provides maximum protection to your smart phone.


This is the reason people buy a case for their phone; to protect it.  So how does the Spigen Neo Hybrid hold up to the test?  It passes with flying colors.  Unless you drop your phone with the screen facing down on a sharp pointed rock, you are going to have an essential amount of protection.  The inside black layer is a rubberized and tight skin for the phone while the outside bumper piece is a nice tough plastic that snaps into place.  This dual layer case can withstand any normal fall that a phone would go through.

Another important factor people consider when buying a phone case is if it has a lip or not. Well the Neo Hybrid has an excellent lip for placing your phone face down on flat surfaces.  It is big enough to make you feel comfortable when laying it face down, but not too big where it gets in the way of using the phone or compromising the design.  The lip does come into play if the phone were to fall on its screen and is added protection for those types of falls.

The camera lens and flash bulb are also nicely hidden beneath the surface of the back of the case.  There are no worries about scratches to the camera equipment when laying the phone flat on its back.


The Spigen Neo Hybrid case feels absolutely amazing in your hand.  It is so sleek that it adds almost nothing to the phone itself.  All ports and microphone cut-outs are lined up perfectly. The volume rocker and power button are covered in a very solid chrome-finished plastic that is just as responsive as the buttons themselves.  There is a justified click on the buttons to assure all button uses.

The finish on the back is just gorgeous.  It is a matte and fingerprint-proof glorious design.  It is just awesome to hold and is perfectly flat and smooth.  There is a cute little indentation under the camera that reads "13 mega" to remind you and others of your powerful 13 megapixel camera.  This is just a nice little accent that Spigen wanted to throw in.


Some phone cases cost almost as much as the phone that they are protecting.  They are big, bulky, and uncomfortable.  Then there are other cases that are dirt cheap, made poorly, and provide embarrassing amounts of protection.

Then there is the Spigen Neo Hybrid.  It can be found for a very reasonable price on Amazon. You are paying for a maximum protection case with minimalistic design.  


The Neo Hybrid comes in six different colors.  With the two-piece design, other color bumpers can be purchased to keep things fresh and new.  This is a nice touch for people who want a custom look to their phone case.

The case is also packaged with three high quality, colorful jelly bean stickers that can be placed on the home button for further customization.

Spigen Neo Hybrid
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