Sping Bike Comparisons

In this article we will do some spinning bike comparisons and look at three bikes – Lemond RevMaster Classic Bike, the Schwin IC Pro and the new Sean Harrington Real Ryder ABF8 Stationary Bike. These are all great bikes and we will compare their different features.

The new Sean Harrington Real Ryder is being touted as the newest sensation in spinning bikes. It allows the rider to adopt a side to side motion that is said to increase the cardiovascular benefits. This is due to the difference is in the articulating frame which gives the feel of a real road bike as the rider can lean, steer and pedal with the sensation of being on a real road bike.

The bike’s dimensions are 59” in length and 31.5” wide with a height of 41.5” (150x80x105 cm). It weighs in at 227 lbs. or 101 kg. and has a flywheel weight of 66 lbs. or 30 kgs. It also has two integrated water bottle holders. The price tag is $2,295. It carries a warranty on the frame of 10 years, 6 months on wearable parts and 3 years on parts.

The Schwin IC Pro Indoor Cycling bike is associated with one of the oldest names in bike manufacturing – Schwin. It is a highly recognized bike which has a sleek, modern look and can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. Heavily built individuals will appreciate its excellent stability.

The Schwin IC Pro Indoor Cycling bike has a seat which can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally and which locks into place with stainless steel pop pins. There is less need to worry about the effect of your sweat on the frame and finish as it is corrosion resistant.

Resistance is provided by an easy-to-turn adjustment knob which can easily change the intensity of your workout. Rehydrating is no problem with two water bottle cages which can hold up to a liter of fluid. The bike’s dimensions are 50"L x 22.5"W x 39"H (127 L x 57 W x 99 H cm). The price tag is approximately $1000.

The RevMaster Pro has a X-frame that allows easy access for all adjustments to seat, height and handlebar. With the new drop-handle there is no need to make adjustments by using pop-pins and threaded handles. It’s all done with quicker adjustments. The RevMaster Pro also offers a comfortable fit with a wide adjustment range.

The frame resists corrosion by using electroless nickel plating and a bottom bracket cartridge with 2 pieces which makes for easier maintenance and service. The fender comes with an integrated brake assembly which provides improved braking and a moisture guard. Braking and resistance is provided by the use of a resistance knob which adjusts easily.

You’ll appreciate this the most when you are in the middle of an arduous workout. All you’ll need to do is to just turn the knob to adjust the intensity. The price comes in at $1,395. The dimensions of the bike are 42” L x 23” W x 46” H or (116 cm x 58 cm x 107 cm) with a weight of 143 lbs. or 65 kgs.

Having done your spinning bike comparisons, whatever your preference, you are sure to enjoy any of these quality spinning bikes.