Chronic back pain can be caused by a number of different underlying medical disorders. These include herniated or protruding discs, sciatica, posterior facet syndrome, and degenerative disc disease. But most of these disorders share a common cause: compression of the spinal discs. These discs provide a protective cushion between the vertabrae, and when they become damaged or inflamed, the situation can deteriorate into chronic pain.

Most people who experience chronic pain of the back and neck simply end up taking a lot of pain medications. Doctors like to give these out because they make patients feel better, and patients like to receive them for the same reason. But they do not address the cause of the pain. All they can do is alleviate the primary symptom of pain, and only temporarily. Gradually the body becomes accustomed to the pain medications and they lose their effectiveness, until only higher doses and stronger medications will help.

There are also some surgical options available. However, these are extremely delicate and invasive surgery. There is a lot of risk involved. There is always a chance that you will not get better at all, and will have endured the painful surgery and extended recovery period for nothing. There is even a chance that the pain could get worse after surgery, or that you could lose some mobility.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people come to believe that they are doomed to experience pain for the rest of their lives. They give up on the doctors and surgeons, and simply try to live with the pain. Doing so is a major cause of metnal disturbances such as anxiety and depression, and can interfere with relationships and family.

A new option has emerged that offers a better hope for patients. Importantly, it does so with very little risk, with minimal invasiveness, and relatively quickly. That option is spinal decompression, and it is accomplished using a new class of medical device known as a spinal decompression machine. These machines gently alleviate the inflammation of the spinal discs by restoring the natural spacing and alignment of the vertabrae.

While the treatment may take six months to a year to be complete, many patients report dramatic decreases in pain within just a few treatments. When you are suffering from chronic pain, even a small decrease in daily pain can make a tremendous difference for your quality of life. This new spinal decompression therapy are just one of a number of new non-invasive, non-pharmacological remedies that utilize new technologies and new understandings of the human body to bring about rapid and sustainable improvements.