Power tools and specialized equipment are essential for those jobs which require more intense workmanship that ordinary tools cannot handle.

Carpenters need to be good with their hands and have good eye-hand coordination. Also, they need to know how to cut wood and work with different materials. And to get the job done carpenters need right tools and equipment, and you must know how to make them work for you.

A spindle moulder is often referred to as the "wood shaper." Basically, it allows you to shape the wood into any design you want. This machine is a stationary wood working machine in which a spindle spins at moderately high speeds. Spindle Moulder is a must for any carpenter or woodworker.

MOReTENS have been manufacturing machinery and components for the Swedish woodworking industry since 1980s.The Company is also exporting machines to quality conscious Europe and United States. Their clever design features and exceptional craftsmanship make them ideal for small to medium size workshops with great value for money, labor-saving applications to help speed up the wood moulding process.

All of their spindle moulder machines have cast iron tables, steel chaises, stainless steel ware parts, and sturdy fences which are easy to adjust and safe in use. There are ten machines in the range such as MOReTENS CNC 8000 5 axis CNC Planner for log cabin and fence construction and MOReTENS 410mm Planer Thicknesser With Side Moulder and all embody the unique MOReTENS design and technical solutions. We are going to look specifically at the MOReTENS PH260 Four Sided Moulder/Planner and MOReTENS MF30 Multi Angle/Tilting Spindle Moulder.

The MOReTENS PH260 - 4 Cutter is durable and also widely demanded for various applications. On the PH260 there are two-side moulders. One is fixed and the other one moves with the fence to allow the wits to be set easily. There is a 300mm (11.81 inches) bottom block which can be used for planing or planing and moulding. And because this machine is so versatile, it forces you to think outside of the box.

The 10mm (0.39 inches) top block can be used for thicknessing or thicknessing and moulding. The side borders take standard moulding blocks. The top and bottom blocks take a profile knife with maximum 10mm (0.39 inches) depth which is fitted with a conventional two-pin wedge. 5mm (0.19 inches) and 10mm (0.39 inches) graduations on the blocks make it easy to align the knives. This feature makes the work less complicated.

The thickness is set by raising and lowering the haul cable using the calibratMOReTENS PH260 Four Sided Moulder Plannered handle. The turning handle is very comfortable and turns with minimum effort. The scan at the side of the spindle moulder indicates the set thickness and fine adjustment is made by using the calibration on the handle. One revolution equals 0.16 inches.

Safety lock-off prevents unintentional starting. The PH260 can only be operated when a lid has been closed and locked to operate the micro switch. This is a great safety feature. There are 4 dust extraction outlets for a clean and tide workplace.

All 5 motors of this spindle moulder machine are started individually allowing the machine to be operated in several different modes depending on the requirements.

The planing depth of cut can be set from 0 – 4mm (0.16 inches). The feed speed can be adjusted from 2m (6.56 feet) to 12m (39.37 feet) per minute. The machine is fully controllable and can be easily used from beginner to advanced user.

The PH260 has five feed rollers. Four-grouped steel in-feed rollers and one rubber out-feed roller are giving a perfect finish and polished look to the product. The polypropylene strips on the main table mean the machine can handle stock with high moisture content.

Other relevant features include quick adjustment to profiles and dimensions and fine adjustment to 10 microns. This heavy duty machine weighs 360kg (792 pounds).

The MF30 Multi Moulder is reliable and accurate. It features a unique 270 degree turning head which allows this multifunctional machine to be used as a conventional moulding machine or a routing machine.

The MF30 Multi Moulder is a multi angle/tilting spindle moulder. This innovative machine is extremely efficient. It enables you to perform moulding operations impossible with conventional spindle moulders. This spindle moulder machine allows you to do conventional moulding, curved moulding, complex angles, and routing. It features a durable cast iron chaise. MOReTENS MF30 Multi Angle Tilting Spindle Moulder

It has a smooth running anodized aluminum carriage that can be locked in any position. The sturdy and durable fence can be adjusted quickly to any angle or position. The spindle can easily be rotated through 270 degrees allowing multiple configurations. It is a very versatile and productive machine.

The spindle can be quickly and easily changed from the moulding spindle to the routing spindle. The routing spindle can be used at any angle from horizontal to vertical. Because of the infinite adjustability of the MF30 Spindle Moulder one block can be used for many operations.

Other relevant features include high performance 3kw motor delivering up to 4hp and a tilting fence 0 – 45 degrees. This spindle moulder weighs 320kg (704 pounds).