When Johnny G. came up with his spinning technology and training regime, he probably did not visualize that there would be over 30,000 fitness facilities worldwide which would be offering spinning courses. As the spinning craze continues, it is clear that there will be an increased need for spinning instructors.

Spinning classes use an instructor to guide persons through an exercise routine which combines various terrains such as hills, muddy roads, rocky paths and straight roads. The use of music and in some instances visuals, create an atmosphere of cycling on the road whilst being indoors.

One can become a spinning bike instructor by registering online and preparing for an assessment. There are a number of institutions which offer courses and aptitude tests online. They may also offer fitness tests to prepare you for any upcoming assessments once you are accepted for an interview.

Use the internet to locate all fitness centers near to you and visit a fitness center nearby to see if they offer spinning bike instructor courses. If you are willing to relocate, you may also extend your search beyond the area in which you are now living.

Improve your chances of being a successful spinning bike instructor by familiarizing yourself with spinning bikes and their potential problems. Read up on the various models and look at training videos to increase your familiarity with the bikes. Of course if you have been a member of a spinning class, you will have less need of this familiarization process.

Having identified a training course and completed the application and registration process, prepare for your training sessions. These may include a variety of modules including heart rate monitoring, spinning bike repairs, breathing and visualization techniques and motivational techniques.

Be prepared to do a physical or to provide a doctor’s note on your physical fitness. This is important as fitness clubs need to assure themselves that they are hiring healthy individuals who can endure the rigors of a spinning class.

One of the easiest ways to start your certification process is to go to spinning.com and sign up for a course. During orientation you will be provided with a spinning instructor manual which prepares you for an online assessment. You will need to attain a minimum of 80% of the possible scores to be considered successful.

Having attained this or a higher grade, you will receive your certification card in the mail. You are now an officially recognized spinning instructor and the rest is up to you. You will need to take continuing education courses to keep your certification.

Your initial certification is good for two years. Thereafter you will need to gain recertification points through a system of completing workshops, online quizzes and courses. The certification process is designed to be simple and easy to follow.