Re-modeling a room? If you've opt for a minimalist design, a spiral staircase is the best functional and decorative piece that you could install in just about any room. But why hire an installation company when you could easily install your very own staircase with DIY-spiral staircase kits?

Spiral staircase kits offer affordable and quality addition to any space that you may find dull; and, if you're tinkering of installing a loft, spiral staircase kits are the best space savers among other your staircase options. Here are some things that you need to keep tabs on when buying your spiral staircase kit:

Interior spiral staircase kits. What should be basically included in every interior staircase kit? Your investment should include everything that you need to put up a stair, which basically contains the decking, top landing frame, and even the fitting horizontal rails needed by your landing.

Exterior spiral staircase kits. Do not expect the horizontal handrails and decking simply because this option gives you the flexibility to find something that matches your existing rails and deck.

What you need to check. Make sure that your kit includes all the hardware that you need to assemble and install the stair. This is a must. The horizontal tread bar - those that you basically see right below the handrail - is something that you need if you have young ones or even a pet; horizontal tread bars are basically used to minimize the open space between the stair treads. Ask for a horizontal tread bar if you need it, your retailer should include this for free.

Ready-to-use stairs. There is no such thing. Every stair is basically designed to meet the following requirements: the floor-to-floor specification, the orientation (that is, whether you need a right-hand or left-hand stair), and the diameter (how wide would you want your stair to be). There could be no off the shelf spiral staircase kits as each one should be delivered according to your own, unique requirement.

Meeting building codes. This is really important if you live in an apartment: your management would require a number of permits when installing an additional room feature. Putting up a simple stair would also require the same. It is, then, important for you to check if the available staircase kit meets the specific building code that you area requires.

What if the building management requires documents? You should ask your staircase kit retailer for this. They should issue the appropriate documentation that you need to show to a building inspector. Remember, local permits and codes vary from one location to another. While it is convenient to just shop for spiral staircase kits, purchasing one from your local retailer would be really advantageous since they are more than familiar with your area's building codes and local permits.

24/7 Customer service. This is something that you need to ask your retailer, especially if you have not installed a spiral staircase before. While all spiral staircase kits were made to be something that you could assemble and put up yourself, you would definitely need some help along the way. Alongside the installation manual, your retailer should have a 24/7 hotline to help you in putting up the stairs.

These are but some of the things that you need to consider in shopping for spiral staircase kit. And, shopping for the one to fit your need is just really the first step.