Does Hell Really Exist?

You have lived in a world of heaven and hell, and this has been created by none other than yourselves. Hell is that mythical place where you believe that all bad and evil souls reside in. You believe that all bad and evil people go to hell when they die. They do not go to hell, for hell is a creation of the imbalanced mind and soul. When a soul is so attached to the belief system that was implanted upon it, this soul will, upon death, experience the reality of its own creation. If you believe in hell and you believe that you are going to hell, then upon your death you will experience the reality that you yourself have created. The hell that you experience is your version of what hell is. Remember when we spoke of thoughts having energy and creating their own reality through belief systems, well this applies to hell as well. (See previous articles)

Are you saying that even though hell does not really exist, if you believe that you are going to hell, then you will experience exactly that when you die?

Yes. Make it a part of your meditation to alter your beliefs about the existence of hell.  What you believe is what you create when you enter the spiritual realm. If you believe that you are going to hell, then you will experience a hell of your own making.

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During your time on Earth, your religions have created a method of control through fear and intimidation. Their purpose was power and control, but in actuality, this purpose was to gain great wealth through power and control. They created the illusion of a judgmental God, but what good is a judgmental God if there are no consequences that follow if one is not obedient to the laws of church and state. A judgmental God is weakened without the threat of hell and the devil. How perfect a plan with which to control the masses. You do not need to believe this any more if you are to awaken your third eye, for it is an ignorant state that the awakened person does not accept or relate to. You are reaching a transformation that has no place for hell and the devil.  Make no mistake about it; we urge you to discard the ancient and outdated concept of hell and its ruler.

Hell is a creation of the humans in power who would seek to control the masses through fear. If you believe in hell and you believe that you will go there upon your physical death, then you will experience a hell of your own creation. Did you think that God would really be judgmental in his quest for self-actualization? The Source, in its desire to know itself, wanted to experience all that it is, and to be judgmental is to deny its quest. Banish your beliefs about hell, and focus your beliefs on love and light, for this is your Source.

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Where do the Bad People Go?

If mankind chooses to believe in hell, then mankind will experience that which it creates through its belief systems. You think that all bad people are punished by God and go to hell. It appears to us that you worship an angry and hypocritical God. Love is the essence of God, and the essence of love does not allow anger and hatred to overrule it. Love overpowers hatred and love overpowers anger. The light is not extinguished by darkness. The light thrives and puts out the darkness with its light. Such is the essence of the Source.

You may be appalled to learn that those who you would put in hell have experienced the light of the Source upon a physical death. If they, who believe not in hell, leave their bodies, upon death, they will not experience hell. Hell is a part of your belief system. It is not a part of your true heritage. Your hell, you alone have created, and you alone dwell in the hell you have created. Your hell will appear as you believe it to exist. If you want to leave the hell of your own creation, then we would urge you to alter your belief and seek the Light.

You have been misguided in your spiritual quest by some of the religions that you have followed and adhered to. Your views of hell are outdated and no longer serve your new awakening. Your time has come, and with this time there has also come the need to discard old belief systems that no longer serve mankind. It is time to put hell to bed forever. It is necessary for your development and growth. Make sure you do this, and make your future quest serve your awakening. Hell is obsolete. It does not exist, and it always gives negative connotations to God, for the Source is not judgmental. The Source is solely interested in your growth, development, and self-actualization. The Source has infinite love for you, and that does not accommodate a place called hell.

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