Life is a Journey

Life is a journey, and when it is over, you return back to your home base. This home is the home you left behind when you embarked on this journey of your current self. When you leave this Earth, you return to this home. You are sometimes met, upon death, by a friend or relative who guides you out of your body, and you may not know that you have just died because it is so real and there is no pain or discomfort associated with this passing. Others may find themselves, at once, thrust out of their bodies where they might be disoriented and confused. You will be drawn to a light, and this light is heaven calling you home. Make sure that you understand this, for you will all come home one day. We are here to greet you, and there will be many friends and relatives you knew who will be anxiously and lovingly awaiting your arrival. To us, it is cause for much celebration. We are happy to have you back home.

When we greet you, once you have departed your physical body, we give you an orientation of your life on Earth. This is referred to by many of you as your life flashing before your eyes. It does happen, but it is not a judgmental thing, as many of you believe it to be. It is a review of your life and the lessons learned while there. It is a reflection of your life, and its purpose is to further your awareness and to jog your soul’s memory as to why these events occurred.

Spirit Guide Messages: Is Heaven Real?There is a time to reflect and a time to ask questions if you so desire. There may be souls in heaven that came here before you, and these souls have been on your journey with you. Some souls learned these lessons with you, and this is a good time for you to reflect together and learn together what the purpose was for your mutual events.

If you are a soul whose journey was for the good of mankind and you took on the so called evil role, then this is a time to deprogram you and restore your soul’s divinity. At times, you will feel the emotions of those you affected, whether these emotions are good, bad, sad, and so forth. Because we are all connected, it cannot be any other way, for each emotion is a part of the whole, and therefore, is felt by the whole. By feeling the emotions of those you have affected, it causes you to also learn their lessons because in being a part of the whole, all is a mutually shared event, therefore, each lesson you learn is also learned by us all.

Heaven is Your Home

Heaven is your true home, and your journey away from home is always filled with the certainty that you will return. It is always a short journey in comparison to the everlasting now, and that is what makes it easier for each soul to leave. It is the knowledge that you will always return here.

When you return home and your life has been reviewed, many of you will go through an orientation session and your memories of all of your existence will be restored. It is akin to a home coming, but in a grander scale. Some of you will rest a while and some of you will continue your lessons immediately, while others might want to continue exploring heaven. There is much to do here, and you will never get bored or stop learning. Make no mistake about it; heaven does exist and it is a very full, and rich, and loving environment.

For those who continue exploring heaven, what could they see and do in heaven?

There are many temples of learning in heaven, and these temples can be attended by any soul who wishes to attend. There are gardens to visit and Universes to discover, and souls who visit with each other. There are souls, such as ourselves, who wish to educate mankind, and we do work such as this work through you. There is music and choirs that sing God’s praises. There are discoveries occurring in heaven that are imparted to those on Earth through divine inspiration. There are experiences and vistas that you can create through your soul mind, and there are many mansions that can be viewed and lived in. There is so much beauty and possibilities, that we can go on forever explaining them to you, but this is what you can begin to glimpse in heaven.

Many of you think that when you die you simply cease to exist, as if your light were simply extinguished. This is so wrong and nowhere near the truth of your post death journey. Death is simply a term for an end of a phase, but it is a birth into another level of existence. Birth and death are synonymous, and a death in one plane signifies a birth into another plane. You can never be destroyed. Your energy is simply transformed from one level to another.

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Heaven is a Place of Brilliance and Love

Heaven is a place of brilliance and love. By brilliance, we mean that it is of the white light, but also that everything that exists here is much more brilliant and richer than anything on Earth. When you die, you merge with the white light of the Source from whence you came, but do not confuse the meaning of this. We do not mean that your soul is absorbed by the light and merged into an existence of one separate identity. We mean that the white light, that is your home, welcomes you back and opens its door so that you may enter. You will still be you, and you will not lose your identity.

As within, so without. This has greater meaning than you know. Everything that is good on Earth may also exist in heaven, but it is richer and more brilliant than on Earth. Music exists in heaven. All of the music that has been composed on Earth existed in heaven first, but in heaven it is more beautiful than the music heard on Earth. When music is translated to the Earth plane, it loses its brilliance through the denser vibrations of Earth. You are aware of many beautiful melodies that you hear on Earth, but these melodies have a richer and more beautiful resonance when heard in heaven. Make heaven a part of your meditation and you may receive glimpses of your home.

Your Earthly version of heaven is but a small view of what heaven is. You call it heaven, but we call it home. Home is where we all come from, and home is a part of the Source, just as we all are. Home is within the Source and a part of the Source. When we said “as within, so without,” it is in a sense quite literal, as all that ever will exist already does exist within the Source. Everything that you create on Earth already exists in the ether of All That Is. Heaven has many facets that are more beautiful than Earth. The flowers that you will find in heaven are more beautiful and fragrant than those on Earth. Every animal that exists on Earth exists in heaven, and the beings that inhabit heaven are loving and gentle souls that glow with the brilliance of the white light, for we are made of white light, and we are the white light.

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Heaven is in the Light of God

We have always been, and we will always be. There is no beginning as you know it, and there is no end. There is just the everlasting now, and heaven is a part of the everlasting now. Everything that exists in heaven is good, and we are all a part of that goodness. Your buildings exist in heaven, but far more beautiful than you can imagine. Your houses exist in heaven, but far more beautiful than you can imagine. There are flora and fauna that exist in heaven just as on Earth, but the colors are richer, and deeper, and brighter than you know. Everything vibrates with the angelic sound of heaven, and music is permeating all with sound and feeling. We can only describe heaven to you in Earthly terms, but these terms are inadequate compared to the true splendor of heaven.

Heaven is in the light of God. God does not exist in heaven; heaven exists in God. Your home is a part of All That Is, just as you are. Heaven is your home, and although you travel to your current realities in each lifetime, your home always awaits your return. Each Source soul is welcomed lovingly at the end of their journey, and each soul is guaranteed a place in heaven.