Questions answered by Spirit Guides

What is God?

I have channeled information from my spirit guides via the Ouija board on a variety of subjects. Reality, alternate realities, life, death, heaven, hell, intuition, and more. Some of the most interesting information delivered was on God (The Source). Here is a portion of just a few of the the questions and answers that were channeled.

A Conversation With Spirit Guides (A Book of Insight):

You stated that the Source is conscious energy. This doesn’t fit the description that most people have of God. I think that many people tend to personify God and see him as this biblical version of an old man with a white beard.

That is because you see yourselves as separate from God. You are not separate from God, but you are all extensions of God. There is no division other than the division that you create in your mind.

Then I guess my next question would be what is God?

God is the sum of all its parts. Think of God as the cloud in the sky that all of the rain droplets belong to. There is not really a separation because these droplets are sent forth from their Source, and when they evaporate, they become clouds once more. It is all relative. We are all a part of God, and when we set forth to inhabit Earth, we only separated as far as our unique individual identities are concerned, but we are still all a part of the mass consciousness of All That Is.

When we experience a physical death and transition to the other side, do we then reunite as one with God?

Yes, in a manner of speaking. You do, in so far as, whereby you re-merge with the collective consciousness of God, but you still retain all the identities you have ever had throughout all of your reincarnations. We will attempt to explain this Source, using your vocabulary, but in truth, your vocabulary lacks the words and depth to fully convey the Source and its explanation.

Your Source has always been. It has no beginning or end, but exists in the everlasting now which also has no beginning or ending. It simply is, and it is all knowing, all aware, all powerful.

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I’d like to stop you here because I’m having some trouble following this concept of God having no beginning. How can the Source have no beginning? Doesn’t everything have to start somewhere, at some point in time?

No. Only in your three dimensional linear reality is there a beginning and ending. In the concept of time, it only exists as an illusion. We have always existed, but we are simply evolving as the Source continues its self-actualization. This is why your Universe is expanding, and contrary to your belief system, the Universe will not shrink.

It will not implode? It will forever expand?

Yes, because the experiences of the Source, in its quest for self-actualization through you as its Source souls, are expanding. As more worlds and realities are created, they occupy more space which, in turn, causes the current space to expand. Your Universe continues to expand as reality continues to expand, and reality contains a greater picture than you are aware of.

Your astronomers have had the opportunity to observe the birth of galaxies through their high powered telescopes. These galaxies are a part of the greater equation, and their birth and subsequent expansion is a small portion of your Universe. Your reality continues to expand as more probabilities are birthed, and these probabilities are quite real in their own Universe. You are creating worlds that you are not even aware of consciously, for many probabilities are spinning forth from your actions and thoughts. We will delve into this concept further in a chapter on alternate realities. Your Universe will continue to expand as long as the Source continues to exist. Your Source is eternal.

You’ve mentioned self-actualization a couple of times here. Can you explain to us, what self-actualization is?

Self-actualization is the Source’s attempt, through journeying throughout many levels of awareness, to understand all of what it is. In journeying through many levels of reality, through its Source souls, the Source is expanding all of what it is and creating greater and better parts of what it is. Through this journey, the Source has gained a greater awareness of itself and all that it is capable of.

When the Source existed as a singularity, it desired to learn all that it could contain. The Source longed to expand its reality and consciousness in an effort to know itself. It also longed to multiply itself as a parent longs to procreate. This led to the explosion of your Universe and the creation of all possibilities and probabilities that could be birthed into existence. This is the journey of the Source to self-discovery, through creation of all that it can become. This journey has become your journey as you represent the microcosm of this Source. We love you as the Source loves you, for we too are a part of this creative journey born through unconditional love.

Mankind is a great experiment for the Source, for it has allowed mankind to be co-creators, and this is the greatest gift to you. Mankind has been a great vehicle for the Source’s journey in understanding, awareness, and creation.

This Source is a creative Source, and its thoughts become instant things of a concrete nature as we experience it, and depending on the laws of each separate plane, these thoughts take form as expected by their laws. For instance, your plane is three dimensional; therefore, these thoughts become realized as per this dimension. On a two dimensional plane, these thoughts would take form as per two dimensional laws and so forth as each dimension requires.

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God and Reality:

Reality is but an illusion of collusion. We are all participants in the reality that we dwell in. We will focus primarily on the reality that you currently dwell in. We say currently because this is not the only reality that exists. It is one of many, and it is one of many that you have experienced.

The current reality that you exist in is one that you all participate in the creation of. It has rules of engagement, per se, and these rules lay the foundation of the parameters that you operate within. It has been created as a playing field, per se, so that we may experience life and learning from a unique perspective. The Source, in an attempt to understand itself, had to devise a method of comparison and experience for self-actualization. If you don’t experience sadness, how can you know joy? If you don’t experience hatred, how can you know love?

I thought that our reality was created so that we could learn lessons, and understand and experience who and what we are, but here you say that the Source had to devise a method of comparison and experience for self-actualization. Doesn’t the Source already know who it is?

Yes, but the Source existed as a singular, and as a singular it experienced only that everlasting singularity of now. It also wanted to experience plurality, and in order to do so, it established many levels that it could experience in order to achieve comparison within itself. It sent forth Source souls as a parent sends forth children because this was a method of experience.

Can you explain what you mean by singularity?

By singularity, we mean that the Source existed as one lonely entity, as you would put it. Imagine if you were the only human on your planet and that this planet only encompassed the space that you occupied, then you would begin to understand that your concept of being would be limited to your direct experience and perception of this existence. You would long for love and companionship of others, and you would long for the expansion of your world and experience. As a singularity, the Source simply was, and all of what it was, was loving conscious energy. The Source wanted to know itself and all of what it could be. The Source wanted to multiply itself to share all of what it could be. This desire, in and of itself, created the explosion of all souls and possibilities. Thus were Source souls birthed, and thus were all Universes and levels of reality birthed. This is ever expanding as the creation of worlds and levels of realities continue to be birthed. By birthing all that exists, the Source can compare all experiences and realities against itself. All That Is reflects itself unto itself through the experiences of its Source souls. If mankind could understand this concept, he can begin to realize how the Source began to expand its reality through unconditional love, and therefore, birthed an entire Universe and gave birth to its Source souls. It is through this love and yearning that we can owe all of our lives and experiences to.

How is it that this Source came into existence in the first place?

This is a question that many have asked, and we admit that it is quite mind boggling to many, but the Source existed as a unit of conscious awareness in a space unhampered by any laws of any dimensions, and although it is difficult to explain in Earthly terms, we will attempt to do just that.

Imagine the moment of an everlasting now, and imagine that this moment is occupied by self awareness, and imagine that this self awareness has a longing to expand. It is through the longing and awareness that makes it expand, and as this awareness expands, it grows to encompass greater awareness, greater love, and greater joy. Imagine that this is the genie that left the bottle and through greater love and awareness, can never be a singularity again, and this is why it continues to grow forever in the everlasting now...

But where did this unit of conscious awareness come from? How did it begin?

The Source has no beginning and no end. It simply was and is. The human mind cannot comprehend this concept because your linear time dictates that everything has a beginning and an ending. These are simply the rules of engagement for your reality.

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