More channeled messages from my Spirit Guides. The following is a question and answer dialogue explaining magnetism: the law of attraction, and how to use it to create the life you want.

Magnetism: The Law of Attraction

Magnetic energy is the basis of all spiritual energy, and it is available to all of us. We will explain what magnetism is in spiritual terms and explain how to use it.

You are all powered by spirit, and without spirit your body is but an organic shell, and this organic shell requires the energy of spirit to animate it and to keep it from decaying. The life it has is life force supplied by spirit, and because of spirit, it can operate within this dimension as ruled by its laws. In the spirit level, there is no requirement for such a vehicle because this level is ethereal and not organic. The reality you dwell in is a reality of mass, space, time, and volume. In order for spirit to operate within this reality, it must occupy three dimensional form and mass. Without it, we cannot be seen or operate within its laws. Other realities have their own laws of operation, and in order for spirit to occupy them, we must do so under their laws.

Because we are both spirit and mass, does this mean that we operate under two separate laws; three dimensional law and spiritual law?

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Make sure that you understand the difference between mass that is inanimate and mass that is animated by the spirit of the Source, such as yourself. We mentioned that mankind is but a vehicle that the spirit uses to navigate in the three dimensional plane that you inhabit, but that this dimension has rules of engagement that the spirit utilizes with which to navigate while operating on this plane. Yes, you are spirit, but you are spirit that is inhabiting an organic vehicle at this time. When magnetism is utilized by the spirit that inhabits your organic vehicle, it must acquiesce to the laws of your dimension. When you vacate your organic vehicle, you reenter the world of pure spirit where we currently reside. Once you are in this realm of pure spirit, then laws change accordingly to adapt to this environment. Mankind is but the vehicle for spirit. It is but the car you drive in your current world and is not to be confused with the real you.

As spirit form, how are you able to operate in three dimensional law when you appear to us physically?

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We are not governed by your laws of reality, and can, therefore, manipulate them at will. We are able to enter your dimension at will, but this does not mean that we do so by assuming physical mass, although at times we have done so due to specific circumstances. We are able to manipulate physical objects through the use of the Universal energy of magnetism. We have at times materialized physical objects, but again this is due to specific circumstances. It is not a common occurrence, but the times are chosen discriminately.

So you are saying that you can manipulate physical matter as well?

Yes, if we so choose, but we do so discriminately.

You have created this reality en masse. We have created this reality en masse. We, as spirit, are an energy life form, as you would term it, and as energy we cannot die, but we can be transformed through will. We are a conscious, loving energy form that is self-aware, and all knowing.

You state that magnetism is the law of attraction. How would you define the law of attraction?

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Quite simply, the law of attraction dictates that what you focus on, you will attract.  Magnetism is the energy of attraction, and we are all infused with it. All of us are capable of attracting energy or repelling energy, and we can control it at will. All of you who dwell in three dimensional form also have the power of magnetism at your disposal. The difference is that we, in spirit form, can use this magnetism to attract instantaneously, and you, in Earthly form, have the laws of time and space as a factor. We, in spirit form, are aware of this energy and have knowledge of how to utilize it. Humans are learning to use it and are also in the process of its discovery. Magnetism, or the law of attraction, as many of you term it, works somewhat like the magnets that you are familiar with. Magnetism is, simply, the law of attraction, and this law permeates the Universe and the Source. Magnetism is a powerful source of energy, and your evolution will expand as you become more familiar with it. It can be a great source of energy and power for your civilization, and love must be a part of this equation. All of you possess this power, but are still blind as to how to use it, and to its existence within you as a life force, and as a power source to attract and mold your reality.

Can you explain what you mean by this last sentence? You say we are still blind in knowing how to use magnetism.

Magnetism is an energy that has always existed, and mankind is in the process of understanding it. Although you are aware of energy and understand its use in conductors such as batteries, your civilization has yet to fully grasp how it applies to the human body and to the spiritual entity that resides within that body. When mankind opens his third eye, he will gain a better understanding of All That Is and how it all is.

All of you can use the energy of magnetism to create the reality that you want to attract into your lives. Thoughts have energy, and words have energy. These words and thoughts either attract or repel, just as a magnet does. If you focus on something, your focus will attract it towards you just as if you were a magnet.

Have you noticed how negative people always seem to have negative circumstances in their lives? This is their frame of mind and thought that attracts these situations to them. If you focus on things long enough, the Universe will conspire to supply them to you, and what you focus on, you will attract. When you want to change your life, you must change your mind because this is where your reality stems from, and this is where the changes must begin. It is through thought and magnetism that reality can be shaped, and we are all capable of these changes.

The energy that powers your body is the same energy that shapes your reality. This energy is the soul Source energy, and it is pure in its soul state, but in human form, this energy is controlled, at times, by the human ego and all its beliefs and fears. Mankind has a challenge in his form that is not experienced in the spirit state, but mankind can overcome this hurdle, and we will attempt to show you how.