So having the thought and the belief may not necessarily be enough to materialize your desires. You’re saying that it is important to take action as well.

Yes. Being an armchair participant is not a good option or way to live your life. You must be in partnership with the Source. If what you attract shows up on your doorstep and you do not answer the door, it will turn around and walk away, so it is important to recognize the opportunities that the Source sends you and to embrace them with the action that you must take. Make it a habit to be open to what the Source sends to you when magnetism is at play, for if magnetism is to work for you, then you must embrace it when it knocks on your door.

Meditation is the key to convincing your brain that it can happen. Your brain, or rather, your ego, tends to get in the way at times, and this is why there are times when manifestation is harder than it should be.

Meditate on that which you want to attract, and hold the visualization of the event or thing in your mind. Always hold the belief that it is already yours, and it will help the Universe in materializing it for you. Keep the visual clear and keep your focus clear, and it will take root within your subconscious mind. If you hold any doubts, then these doubts will become the overpowering belief that will thwart the materialization of your desire. Hold the visual of what you desire with clarity. Become convinced in its materialization, and make the belief strong in your mind. Once you are clear, then the Universe will be clear, and the Source can help to bring it into your reality. By being clear, you are telling yourself that you can truly acquire that which you desire.

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Visualize all that is connected to your desire. If you desire a car, then visualize the color and model of the car. Visualize every detail of the car; the tires, the year, and make of the vehicle. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and visualize yourself driving the car. Sense the smells and the scenery as you drive it. Make it real within your mind and believe that you are there. The brain cannot distinguish between imagination and reality. It will react to both in the same manner. By doing this exercise, you will put yourself in the frame of mind that your brain would be in if this reality truly existed, and it would proceed in a direction that partners with the Source in the materialization of the car and events leading up to the ownership of your vehicle. Do this with all things that you would desire, and your reality will take a new direction.

Make sure that your desires are loving and good, for this is the true path of the Source’s quest. Desiring bad or evil events can only lead to negative situations and ill will for all concerned. Let love be your guide and let love lead you towards your goals in life. Love of self is noble, and there is nothing wrong with desiring things for oneself. It is good to desire wealth and good possessions, although some think that it is selfish. Believe us when we tell you that the quest of the Source is as selfish as it is altruistic, and all experience is valuable.

Yes, many people do believe that it is selfish and wrong to desire or have wealth. What would you say to these people to help them move beyond this and realize that it is fine to have wealth? This is something that I still struggle with as well.

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Wealth is but an avenue of experience that a Source soul utilizes for the purpose of learning lessons. It is not evil, and it is not good. It is neutral. If money is termed evil in a situation, then it is important to look at the person who is utilizing this money in such a fashion because it is this person who needs to be aware of his efforts surrounding money. If money is deemed to be good, then again, it is the person utilizing this money who is doing good. Money is something that man has always struggled with, and it is a part of your learning journey. There is nothing wrong with money and having it. It is only wrong when having money leads to wrongful deeds against a human or the planet. Money is polluting your planet at this time because some corporations pay no heed to the results of their conquest and greed. Meditate on all things that you struggle with, and therein lay your answers.

Your quest is also the Source’s quest, and your desires are the Source’s desires. There is no separation between you and the Source other than the illusion of separation, and we would urge you to follow and attain your dreams and desires in the quest for self-actualization.

Part of the problem you have today is that many of you do not believe that you are worthy to receive that which you desire, and many of you have guilt associated with desiring good things for yourself. Many of these beliefs are ingrained through your lives by many of the people who influence you. Religion has also been a contributing factor in this guilt and lack of deserving in your lives. Remember that every father wants the best for his children, and the Source is no different than a loving parent, and it is truly all in your head. When you begin to realize this, then magnetism will work more easily for you, and the situations you desire will manifest themselves more easily.

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Be present in your body, mind, and soul, and be always aware of the energy you create. Does your energy attract or repel? Being present will help you to manipulate your magnetism and will help to create and attract the reality that you want. You are more in control than you realize, and magnetism is easier to manipulate than you realize. The entire Universe of your reality is governed by magnetism or the law of attraction, as you term it. Be aware of your energy and be conscious of how you use it, as well as whether it is positive or negative. Remember that positive attracts and negative repels. If you want something, but have negative energy, you will repel it, and what you end up attracting may not be the best situation for you. Use your magnetism wisely, for it is very real indeed, and it will either attract or repel situations in your life. Meditate and be present within yourself, and you will see results.

Many of you feel that magnetism is not a real and justified thing, but if you would put your doubts aside for a moment and try it, you would begin to notice subtle changes in your reality and in your lives. We must urge you to try it and see for yourselves. Give it a chance and you will be astounded at the results. Be patient with yourself and in time it will pay off, and the difference in your life will be astounding. Make it a conscious decision to live your life in the light of the Source, for this is the light that powers magnetism and gives you the reality that you desire.

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We spoke of being clear of what you desire and of visualizing it as an existing reality. Make it clear and real within your mind, and soon you will notice that events and situations will begin to transpire. Be aware of these events, for the Source will begin to fulfill your desire by sending these events your way. Be open to receiving that which the Source sends to you because it is not always the obvious path that will be sent to you, and therefore, you must be open to receive and interpret the signals that are sent.

Be patient, for these events take time in your reality, and they will appear when the time is right for you. Always be open to receive that which the Source is sending you, and be prepared to seize the opportunity no matter how big or small it appears to be. If you maintain this openness to receive, you will be able to utilize the law of attraction to your benefit. It is not enough to be clear and to visualize that which you would like to manifest. You must be willing to take the steps necessary and seize the opportunities that come your way. In this manner, your desired destiny will manifest itself. If you desire or visualize that which you want, but do not seize the moment as it is presented to you, then you will send conflicting messages to the Source, and your magnetism will begin to repel that which you desire. Be positive to the possibilities that are presented to you no matter how small they may appear. Do not dismiss their significance, for even a small event that may seem insignificant may be the event that leads to your desire, ultimately. Nothing is random and nothing is insignificant. All roads lead to your desired event, and all roads must be taken seriously if you want to materialize that which you desire.

Faking your emotions around the visualization of that which you desire, will not attract it to you. You must be sincere in your belief and your emotions surrounding the event or thing that you desire. Be sincere and be truthful to yourself, for this is very important in making magnetism work for you. Remember that everything is powered by magnetic energy, and this includes your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. Your actions are also powered by magnetic energy, and nothing is exempt from it, not even the tiniest speck in the Universe. All is energy, all is light, all emanates from the Source, and it is yours as well, and you are a part of the Source, and you and we are of Source.

Be open to receiving that which the Universe is sending you at all times, and follow the inner voice that guides you, for it is the voice of the Source who dwells within your heart and soul. Be in God’s light and be true to your purpose in your lifetime and current reality.  Love one another and love yourself as you would love another. We say that because some of you love others more than you love yourself, and it is all relative. You are love incarnated and sometimes, or we should say most times, you forget that. Remember that love has magnetic energy that attracts, and you should surround that which you want to manifest with the energy of love. We must impress this upon you, for many of you dwell not on what you love, but on what you hate, and this is why you experience negative situations in your lives.

Be conscious of your thoughts, for they possess energy, and magnetic energy does not distinguish between right and wrong or good and evil. It is simply energy, and it magnetizes what you dwell on. Replace your negative thoughts with good thoughts when you find yourself spiraling into negativity, and remember that magnetism is everywhere and permeates everything, whether it is a solid mass or a thought. You are in control, whether you believe it or not. You create your own reality through your thoughts and belief systems. Be aware of this.