Meditation and faith naturally complement each other.

People are sometimes concerned when meditating that the mantras they are asked to recite might conflict with their personal religious beliefs. Mantras are simply sounds, words or phrases which someone recites while meditating, in order to help keep your focus on the present. The sound or word that you choose need not conflict with your religious beliefs.  In fact, it can be a meaningless sound or it can be a phrase that signifies something important in your religion.

Meditation and faith

You mantra can be anything that is calming and soothing to you.  However, if you can't think of a mantra to help you get started in your meditation routine, here are a few to help you.  You can change it anytime you wish.

One mantra which most people have heard of is:


When reciting this sound, you take a deep breath; then slowly make the sound for as long as possible while exhaling. However, you don't have to make the sound of Om. You want to actually create a vibration in the sinus cavities of your head, if at all possible.  However, Om is not the only matra you may choose to use, especially if you would like to use one that supports your spiritual beliefs.

You could say this word, instead:


The principle is the same. Take a deep breath and slowly say God while exhaling. Then, your focus would shift and you could become more consciously aware of the presence of God in your life, however you worship him.

Often, mantras are not a single word or sound, but a phrase, instead. These are sometimes spiritual or religious mantras that are extracted from prayers or from religious scripture. They are chosen by the person doing the meditating, because they believe that these words or phrases are inspiring, soothing, or simply worth contemplating. Again, they serve to keep the focus on simply listening and being open to the thoughts that come into your mind as your recite the mantra. As with the shorter mantras, these are meant to be said slowly, as you exhale, and repeated for as long as you wish.  You can recite the entire phrase, or just the first few words.  Here are some examples:

Be still and know that I am God

Be still and know

Be still

Grant me serenity

The Lord is my shepherd

God is my source, and I am safe and secure

God is my source

God will provide what I need

God will provide

I will put my trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord


I am conscious of God's presence

Thy will be done

There are many other words and phrases which you may wish to choose from. Feel free to include your own favorite scripture or prayers.

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The important part is to concentrate on the words or phrases as you begin your meditation, and gradually let the mantra taper off. Where you see three-line mantras above, you can start by reciting the first line a few times, then the shorter, second line, and finally the last short word or phrase. These mantras naturally taper off, and leave you open to listen to what comes into your mind. I hope that, with regular meditation, you will feel peace and comfort.

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