What is SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)?

Spiritual response therapy, commonly known as SRT, is used to probe the subconscious mind to find limiting ideas and release them, and at the same time inculcate supportive ideas and beliefs. SRT provides a very powerful way that has the potential of changing the inner lives of individuals so that they can live life freely. The probing or research is carried out with the help of a higher self and consists of finding energies from the past life, any blocks in the subconscious mind, and any type of negative programming in a human being.

SRT was developed by Robert E. Detzler and has since been used by tens of thousands of people since the year 1988. The basis of this therapy is that the human being’s spirit is placed on earth several times and there is a chance of perfecting ourselves. But at the same time negative energy can be accumulated and this can hamper human beings’ growth. The therapy aims to take control of a person's future in a very positive manner by helping us become free of the negative past.

How does it work?

At the beginning of the process the SRT practitioner connects with the patient's soul and removes anything negative which has the potential of stopping spiritual growth. This process takes about two hours and is conducted in person with the patient. Nowadays, this process is also done via email and some practitioners do it discreetly without the patient's knowledge.

In such a case the patient realizes later than the clearing process has happened without his knowledge but that they felt as though they have been released and have become free spiritually. Though they may not be able to explain the feeling fully and are unaware of why it happened it does feel good. This is the most important process that is carried out in the spiritual response therapy because it tends to get rid of any negative programming that is carried forward from a past life. Only once the negative programming has been removed can the therapy move forward with our current lives.

Benefits of SRT

The spiritual response therapy is very beneficial for treatment of many conditions, in addition to making a person feel free. It helps in clearing blocked energy within the main reason for preventing a person from becoming completely healthy and wise. It also prevents a person from earning wealth. The treatment can also help in curing chronic illnesses and increases energy manifold. Many people who have undergone therapy have reported that they have looked at relationships in a new fashion and also gained a new perspective about life and death. It improves self-esteem and helps gain confidence in people who undergo the therapy.

Although SRT is very beneficial form of treatment which frees a person spiritually and also improve their health there are many people who do not believe in it. Hence, it is imperative that a person is ready to undergo the treatment because without proper belief it may not work. Those who have tried many therapies tend to be very skeptical about spiritual response therapy as they have no belief in it.


If you are interested in trying SRT, you must look for an experienced practitioner who has a good reputation. Examine his feedback and check the mode of treatment whether it is done personally or through email. It has been reported that many practitioners who conduct therapy through email or by telephone may not be genuine.

So will this therapy work for you?

It really depends on how much you believe in the therapy and if you are a skeptic then it is better to stay away from this form of treatment. But if you believe in it and are interested in trying it out you must go ahead with it and visit a trained counselor.